Some more Females who sent their pics to us

A Peach of a tattoo

This is a Peach of a tattoo on a very well known sexy young celebrity body

Do you know her?

A few more females with Body art

My Fetish tattoo on females, Skin art on a sexy body

I have a fetish for Tattoos` on females, a erotic Branding if you like, i think its very Erotic

Over some years I have bought a full tattooist equipment and collected many hundreds of actual pictures of what I think is erotic art, OK it turns me on looking at any tattoo on a female.

These pictures are all designs from little insects to huge works of art, I don't think there is one position on the female form that there is no tattoo, Yes even on that.

Well I thought that I would start this blog and see if I stand alone on fining art on a the female form erotic and will gradually upload some from my collection, but I would like to here from anyone who is interested in Tattoo on female form.

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