Sweet Pool - Hot muscle shirtless boy covered in blood

 Hot shirtless muscle boy covered in blood, sexy isn't he ?
Ragaggo muscoloso e coperto di sangue, ha un qualcosa di incredibilmente sexy

Blue Exorcist will get an anime!!!! Finally!!!!!

This series by Kazue Kato, also known as Ao no Exorcist for manga readers, will have an anime adaptation for next year, while the manga will be licensed by Viz Media to come out in April for North America.

This was announced by the official site of Shueisha's Jump Square Magazine, which just uploaded the January cover of the magazine with this great news.

As we know, this is the story of Rin Okumura, a boy raised by a famous exorcist named Father Fujimoto. After an argument between the two, Rin discovers he is the son of Satan.

OMG!!!!! I'm excited!!!! I knew that this would happen sooner or later with the success that this series is having!!!!!

*hyperventilates then passes away*

Hot undressing muscle shirtless hoodie guy

 Hot muscle undressing tatooed muscle hoodie boy in speedo.
Ragazzo tatuato, muscolo e seminudo, pronto a svestirsi ulteriormente...

wow, this boy is so hot. A great image by Cruzis.

Databook: Yamato Agari from Karakuridouji Ultimo

Write this phrase in a wall and memorize it with me: 'This is the next Kurosaki Ichigo', in terms of badassness and prettiness when this manga gets done into an anime.

It's quite a mystery right now, but sometimes I swear that every character in this manga secretly wants to get in his pants (and Ultimo's too.)

And with these looks it's no freaking wonder:

Yamato Agari is originally presented in the manga as an idealist 12th century bandit swordsman who reunited an army of his own to defeat the oppressing Japanese nobility once and for all, and start a new government ruled by the people themselves.

Interestingly enough, not really much is known about him except for the fact that he reincarnated in todays 21st century as a 16-year old high school student (as well as his comrades), until he finds a certain doll in an antique shop and he feels a strange connection with him.

Ultimo (a super robot representing Ultimate 'Good') awakens to the presence of its master and embraces him, despite him not having a clue as for why.

Yamato is the master of this douji who has the ability to control time and dimensions, and it's the most powerful of its kind. Precisely because of that absolute power is that everyone wants to get a hold of it, and it's believed that it's actually the cause for the future destruction of the world as we know it, because of the expected ultimate clash with the douji (robot) of absolute evil, Vice.

Yamato's challenge is to figure out a way to stop this cataclysmic event from happening and capture Dunstan, a scientific genius criminal (sought after by the Guardians of time), who created all these robots of Good and Evil just for his amusement.

And at the same time, Yamato finds himself just wanting a normal life with his high school sweetheart, Makoto Sayama.

It's good to note that Yamato is drawn as a 'man among men', and much taller than his classmates, he has this classic 'Samurai hero' look and always displays a noble attitude, despite being bad-tempered.

Supernatural - Castiel and Dean Winchester kiss (yaoi)

Castiel - the angel, and Dean Winchester - the hunter, kissing - characters from Supernatural TV series
Tenero bacio tra l'angelo Castiel e il "cacciatore" Dean Winchester - personaggi del serial TV Supernatural

Gorgeous undressing bare chest muscle boy

Gorgeous undressing bare chest muscle boy showing abs
Veramente bellissimo questo ragazzo che mostra addominali scolpiti

Weekly review: Bakuman anime

I've started noticing it lately but there are some quite subtle differences between the anime and its manga. Don't get me wrong, the Bakuman anime is great and all episodes so far have been handled very well, it has great pacing, the animation team knows how to build momentum, and the quality can't be better.

In the manga's art, you can see the 'nasty' looks the main characters have, as the signature style of the creators of Death Note
But I feel that the anime is more targeted to female? audiences, making too much emphasis on the romantic theme and the comedic moments.

The manga definitely makes more emphasis on the 'wanting to be a mangaka no matter what' story. And of course this was a decision of the studio that I'm not going to criticize much.

While the anime softens up a bit, and shows us cute protagonists with a dream 

Bakuman is the story of two high school students who, against all odds of choosing a 'normal, successful' office career, decide to become mangakas at their own risk of failing. Slowly we see how they struggle but also how they will achieve their objectives: to have their first story published in Shonen Jack (lol!) before graduating.

Saiko being handed over the keys of his uncle's studio
Moritaka Mashiro (Saiko) is the typical student who doesn't know what to really do with his life, he's really good at drawing but he's undecided whether he wants to take his uncle's steps. He has had this crush on Miho since he was a little kid, but never dared to confess until he achieved something truly important in his life that would make him worthy of her.

He meets Takito Akagi (Shuujin) because he discovered through his notebook drawings that he left in the classroom that he has a crush on her. In exchange for not telling anyone, Shujin offers him to team up to create manga. Shujin is the number 1 student at his school, and basically has the world laid out before him, because he can choose where to go to prepare for a prestigious college, thus land a first-rate job, etc.

But interestingly enough, Shujin doesn't want that, despite his talents as a writer and the fact that he could become a traditional novelist. He chooses to work with Saiko because he believes in him and the work they can achieve together, thus he's a key piece in Saiko wanting to become a mangaka.

Shujin has a creepy, explosive temper when provoked, despite being a nerd
As you can see, this series has great characters with depth and I find that it's a refreshing break from all the fight-to-death style anime/manga we are used to see. Sometimes a good slice-of-life story is a nice change of pace, even for the creators of Death Note :)

Hot blond cute neko boy

Hot cute neko blond boy
Ragazzo-gatto dai capelli biondi

Michael Breyette - Hot shirtless muscle man changing a wheel

Hot shirtless muscular man in jeans changing a wheel - by Michael Breyette
Uomo muscoloso a torso nudo mentre cambia una ruota - di Michael Breyette

This week's featured AMV (21)

Following with the Aizen theme, I couldn't help but showcase this badass video with new footage from the movies and the games. Looks awesome in high quality, isn't it? If we only could get this quality from every episode but I guess nobody is perfect.

Video done by AvatarKid4 from Youtube.

Sweet pool - Gorgeous naked muscle boys - Yaoi

Gorgeous naked  boys with perfect muscolar bodies from Sweet Pool (yaoi)
Ragazzi nudi, stupendi e con un corpo perfetto, da Sweet Pool (yaoi)

Shirtless tatooed muscle neko boy

Shirtless tatooed muscle neko boy
Ragazzo-gatto, tatuato, muscoloso e a torso nudo.

Probably a game fanart, but I don't recognize the character.

Probabilmente il fan art di un personaggio di un videogioco, ma non risco a riconoscerlo

The 2011 anime calendars are available at CdJapan!

As the end of the year approaches there's already plenty of 2011 calendars available of your favorite anime and manga series. What better way to start the new year with great visuals decorating the walls of your room or studio to get inspired!

For example, we've got this Bakuman one!

There are two versions of the Bleach 2011 calendar with top-notch images:

And this is just the beginning!

Prince of the storms, gorgeous muscle god of tempest by Ceruleanvii

A gorgeous naked muscular god ot the tempests with stunnig long corvine hairs.
Un bellissimo dio delle tempeste dai belissimi capelli corvini, muscoloso e completamente nudo.

Within the storm - an  awesome image by Ceruleanvii on DeviantArt

Is Aizen a lame villain?

After reading the 'Ask John' segment at Animenation, I wonder how Captain Aizen from Bleach really fares in comparison to the villains that John showcases.

The problem I see with Aizen is that he's so ridiculously powerful, God-like and distant that it was only recently in the manga that we started to know what his true motivations were. At least with Light Yagami from Death Note we could see how he thought and how he strived to create the perfect world from the very beginning.

He's charismatic and bishounen, which makes him attractive and palatable. Plus, the scene where he goes 'Superman' on the entire Soul Society after obtaining the Hogyoku is priceless.

He spent all those years playing the 'nerd' captain, the tender, calm and spiritual one, just to find out that it was an illusion from his zanpakuto, Kyoka no Suigetsu, able to achieve total and complete hypnosis.

Not to forget how he stopped Ichigo's bankai with a finger, and the whole groupie relationship with Hinamori is just sadistic.

But overall, he has a sorta pimp personality (only rivaled with Grimmjow) that is reminiscent of those nostalgia villains from the 80's, just with a more suave touch.

Final Fantasy - Shirtless Baltier in speedo

Shirtless muscle Baltier removing his speedo. Hot character from Final Fantasy XII
Baltier in costume si sta svestendo, vedremo il suo muscoloso e bellissimo corpo nudo ?

Store special: HP Pavilion dv6-3120us review

The HP Pavillion dv6-3120us
In my continuous search  for the perfect, not-that-expensive laptop for the end of 2010, I find that there are quite a few models that are worth it in terms of price and what it offers.

I have been always skeptic of AMD processors, as I've had desktop models myself with that processor that wasn't quite as efficient as Athlon or Intel.

But I was pleasantly surprised with the AMD Turion II Dual Core Mobile Processor, they have certainly come a long way, the way it can be expandable to 8GB RAM and 2.6 Ghz makes it compete with the new i5 Intel processors and not stay out of the run.

When I first saw the design of this laptop, I imagined a 'pretty' design like Dell and at the same time it doesn't have anything to envy to a Macbook. This model is good for games and entertainment in general, but after trying it, it's perfect for work use, especially if you work in the Graphic Design or Animation field.

It took me a while to get used to the keyboard and the touchpad because they went overboard with the sensitivity, but if it annoys you, you can always go to the Control Panel and customize it as you wish.

It comes with Windows 7 64-bit premium so it supports the Adobe CS5 programs with ease. Another great thing is that it has 4 USB ports!  An additional HDMI and a VGA port enables you to integrate it with your digital camera and it doesn't even work a sweat as the data transfer rates run smoothly.

Some could still say that a 500 GB hard drive and 4GB of RAM can be relatively modest for a high-performance computer that should serve well for design purposes, but guess what; if you look for something wayyy less expensive than a Macbook but that encompasses its main qualities, this is it.

Even the price is similar to affordable Dell laptops at $529 on Amazon with free shipping.

HP Pavilion dv6-3120us 15.6-Inch Laptop PC - Up to 5.25 Hours of Battery Life (Champagne)

Cute red hairs bare chest tatooed boy undressing

Cute hot hairs bare chest tatooed boy showing abs
Bel ragazzo dai capelli rossi e tatuato che mostra gli addominali.

Dante's Inferno - Dante and Zam shirtless on the beach

Dante and Zam, shirtless and speedo on the beach. Hot image by Cruzis (Dante's Inferno) .
Dante e Zam (Dante's Inferno), sulla spiaggia, muscoli e costume in bella vista. Realizzata da Cruzis

Manga creator Ken Akamatsu to help combat digital piracy

The creator of Love Hina will launch a website called J-Comi, that will provide free access to DRM-free digital copies of out-of-print manga from a number of participating manga artists.

The downloads will be ad supported, and the revenue will be split among all of the participating artists. Akamatsu cites one of the reasons for the development of the distribution platform as a means to combat unauthorized digital manga distribution.

A beta version of the site will be launched on this friday November 26, starting with the 14 volumes of Akamatsu’s Love Hina manga. The site will formally launch on January 10, 2011.

Bartender manga to be made into a live action series!

OMG imagine the Yaoi pairing with a certain known Black Butler XDDDDD
Super Jump magazine announced that artist Masaki Aiba of the idol group Arashi will star in a live action series adaptation of Bartender, a story by Kenji Nagatomo and Joh Araki about a genius bartender who prepares the finest cocktails for his customers, but also helps them in solving their issues.

The live-action series will run during the "Friday Night Drama" timeslot on TV Asahi and its network affiliates. To prepare for the role, Aiba has been training with a professional bartender since this fall.

(source: Anime News Network)

Hot blond boys action, passionate kiss (yaoi)

These boys are really cute. Love the position and how lights are rendered. Nice work!
Questi ragazzi sono veramente belli. Mi piace molto la posizione dei corpi e come sono state rese le luci. Veramente un bel lavoro.

Isamel alvarez - Muscle boy in speedo, sunbath on the beach

Red hairs muscle boy in speedo, sunbath on the beach - by Ismael Alvarez
Un bel ragazzo muscoloso dai capelli rossi prende il sole sulla spiaggia, bellissimo disegno di Ismael Alvarez

New Bleach 4th movie promo!

The new promo aired as a part of the opening of the Bleach anime.

The movie is set to premiere in Japanese theaters on December 4th. There's still no info on when the DVD is going to come out.

The quality as always is spectacular!

New Kuroshitsuji II OVA trailer!

'Ciel in Wonderland' was the first gag OVA. Friggin' hysterical. 
This gag OVA, titled 'the making of Kuroshitsuji II', will ship along with the Kuroshitsuji DVD in January as a bonus.

Here's a trailer that can be seen in the official site of this great anime series.

"Making of Kuroshitsuji II" will ship in the fifth DVD volume on January 26, and it spoofs behind-the-scenes documentaries by showing the cast on and off camera as they put on makeup and other chores.

Dragon Ball manga spinoff to be released in December!

awwwwww ^_^
This story by Naho Oishi will be based entirely in Son Goku, Krillin and his friends from Akira Toriyama's original story.

This spinoff, called Dragon Ball SD, will start to be serialized next month in the new Super Strong Jump Magazine by Shueisha, along with a Rock Lee spinoff from Naruto, a Chopperman spinoff from One Piece, and more stories based on popular characters from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! and Toriko.

Tha magazine will be launched on December 3rd!

What a great idea! Oh the nostalgia that this brings!!

Michael Breyette - Hot shirtless muscle farmer guys

Hot shirtless muscle farmer boys in jeans - by Michael Breyette
Ragazzi muscolosi e a torso nudo che scaricano del fieno - di Michael Breyette

New anime series on North Korean prison camps in the works

ANN reports that Eiji Han Shimizu, executive producer of Japanese publisher Emotional Content, known for biographical manga such as The 14th Dalai Lama and Che Guevara), has been working on a feature-length Japanese/Indian animated film based on stories told by survivors of North Korea's prison camps.

The film could possibly be released in 2012, though the project still needs funding.

This is the promotional content trailer for the story:

Tentatively titled "North", the premise goes around the repatriation program of the '60s, in which more than 93,000 Japanese Koreans left Japan to head to North Korea, which was promised by North Korean leaders to be "Heaven on Earth."

The main character's family was one of the families who took the voyage to this "Heaven on Earth," to dedicate their lives and wealth for the construction of what was meant to be the greatest nation, and that would promote communist idealism.

Relatively peaceful days in Pyongyang enjoyed by the family abruptly ended with the disappearance of the grandfather, and the main character's forced transfer toYudok concentration camp. Suffering through years of forced labor, violence, and the loss of loved ones, the main character grows to become a man from inside the concentration camp….

This could be an impressive story told with the dramatic realism of series like 'Band of Brothers', or even 'Schindler's List', and it wouldn't have nothing to envy it.

Mitsudomoe 2 trailer streamed!

The second season's title is Mitsudomoe Zoryochu and it will premiere on January of next year with eight episodes.

This gag story by Norio Sakurai is about the comedic misadventures of the Marui triplets in elementary school and is serialized in Weekly Shonen Champion.

Naruto - cute Naruto and Sasuke scene - Yaoi

Cute Naruto x Sasuke near kiss, sweet <3 (Yaoi)
Sasuke e Naruto stanno per baciarsi, molto dolce come immagine (yaoi)

Curiosities: where does the term 'yaoi' come from?

'Yaoi' can be considered an interchangeable term with 'shonen-ai', meaning 'boy's love' or any story whose protagonists are males that have great chemistry, and the possibility of becoming an actual homosexual couple is always foreshadowed.

But 'yaoi' stories go beyond that and are more explicit in their content, featuring more 'slash' situations.

Believe it or not, the term comes from Saint Seiya slash fanarts from the 80's! 'Yaoi' referred to the potential pairings between the protagonists of the series, especially with Shun of Andromeda.

And after recalling the infamous classic scene with Hyoga in the House of Libra, well...

Now you know where 'Yaoi' comes from :)

And don't forget Aphrodite of Pisces!

Yaoi situations can always potentially emerge in series where all protagonists are boys or men and they practice activities that are supposedly oh-so-masculine, like being samurais, warriors or ninjas. Just ask Naruto and Sasuke ;)

George Quaintance - Homoerotic paintings of naked muscular guys

Muscle naked/shirtless boys resting
Ragazzi muscolosi, nudi o a torso nudo, mentre si riposano
Siesta 1952
George Quaintance (1902-1957)

Muscle Naked boy riding a white horse
Ragazzo muscoloso e nudo in groppa ad uno stallone bianco
The Falconer 1952
George Quaintance (1902-1957)

Muscle naked/shirtless boys bathing in a waterfall
Ragazzi nudi/seminudi mentre si rinfrescano vicino ad una cascata
Havasu Creek 1948
George Quaintance (1902-1957)

George Quaintance (June 3, 1902 – November 8, 1957) was an American artist famous for his "idealized, strongly homoerotic" depictions of men in physique magazines. Several of his artworks depicted men of Mexican and Indian ethnicities, which has been described as part of the "closeting" of "physique art", as it pretended physique art had anthropological or academic motives. His artworks also depicted idealized Wild West settings. His artwork has been said to establish the "macho stud" stereotype who was also homosexual.

More infos on George Quaintance wikipedia page

Joe Phillips - Hot naked tatooed muscle boy

Hot naked tatooed muscle boy by Joe Phillips
Un bel ragazzo, nudo, tatuato e muscoloso - di Joe Phillips

Databook: Kuranosuke Koibuchi

In my newfound obsession with Kuragehime, I find this bishonen character to be one of the most fascinating in this series by Akiko Higashimura.

He's the black sheep of a family of politicians, being the nephew of Japan's Prime Minister himself, who's low popularity is constantly endangering his position.

Kuranosuke-kun likes cross-dressing and has a great taste for all things fashion, looking to mimic his beautiful mom, and evade politics at all costs.

His older brother, Shu, is a serious guy fond of tradition and correctness, thus he's always fighting with his little brother over his eccentric antics.

Kuranosuke-kun always grew in wealth, being sought after by the most beautiful, stylish and popular girls at his school for his looks and savoir-faire.

He finds himself a bit bored of his lifestyle and that's why he looks to do something different. That's how he met Tsukimi when she was trying to save the jellyfish from dying, and later the peculiar clan of the Amars.

He may deny it all he wants but his chemistry with Tsukimi says more than the obvious!

Five naked muscle boys orgy (yaoi)

Five hot muscle naked boys in action... really an hot sensual image - Yaoi
5 ragazzi nudi e  muscolosi in azione... la situazione sta per scaldarsi...

Alessio Ciani - Italian homoerotic artitist

 Naked angel and devil have sex with a shirtless human muscle boy - by Alessio Ciani
Scena di sesso (o quasi) tra un angelo, un demone ed un muscoloso ragazzo umano ormai seminudo - di Alessio Ciani

Alessio Ciani is an Italian designer, a really good one as you can see from the pictures in this post. His blog  ( AwakeningArt ) is full of pictures like these, some of which are for adults only, and I must confess that it was hard to pick just a few to be included in the post, I would gladly add them all!

Cute guy by - Alessio Ciani
Un ragazzo molto carino - di Alessio Ciani

I discovered this full of talent twenty nine boy only a few days ago and I have not had time to carefully read his blog, which I intend to do soon. In the meantime I will just show some of his works.

In its repertoire there are comics, posters, llustrations and much more. Keep an eye on this guy. I'm sure that will soon surprise us with other of his beautiful artworks.

You can find out more about him and enjoying his drawings by reading his blog ( http://awakening-gay-art.blogspot.com/ ) .

 Hot muscle shirtless boy holding a black cat, cute image by Alessio Ciani
Un ragazzo, veramente figo !, muscoloso e a torso nudo con il suo gatto, di Alessio Ciani

Alessio Ciani è un disegnatore italiano che sa decisamente il fatto suo, come potete vedere dalle immagini in questo post. Il suo blog ( AwakeningArt ) è pieno di immagini come queste, alcune delle quali solo per adulti, e devo confessare che è stato difficile sceglierne solo una manciatada da inserire nel post, le avrei aggiunte volentieri tutte!

Hot shirtless muscle boy in speedo and drooling adoring boy on the beach (Torre del lago, italian gay friendly beach) - by Alessio Ciani
Ragazzo muscoloso ed in costume sulla spiaggia di Torre del Lago con un (giustamente) sbavante adoratore - di Alessio Ciani

Ho scoperto questo talentuolo ventinovenne solo da pochi giorni e non ho ancora avuto il tempo di leggere con attenzione il suo blog, cosa che mi ripropongo di fare al più presto. Nel frattempo mi limito a mostrarvi alcune delle sue opere.

Nel suo repertorio ci sono fumetti, poster, llustrazioni e molto altro ancora. Tenete quindi d'occhio questo ragazzo, sono sicuro che saprà stupirci ben presto con altri suoi bellissimi lavori.

Potrete sapere di più su di lui, e gustarvi i suoi disegni, leggendo il suo blog ( http://awakening-gay-art.blogspot.com/ ).

Hot shirtless muscle boys kissing in a poster against homophobia - by Alessio Ciani
Due ragazzi a torso nudo si baciano in un manifesto contro l'omofobia - di Alessio Ciani

This week's featured AMV (20)

What can't be better than a tribute to Yuuko Ichihara from XXXholic?

The song is Make a Wish by Conjure One. Video made by Nanachan290 from youtube.

Iceman, shirtless and muscle hero

Iceman, shirtless and muscle hero
L'uomo di ghiaccio

Muscle shaman and wolf spirit

Near naked shaman and a wolf spirit by Cruzis
Sciamano seminudo e spirito di un lupo

Both subjects are really nice, simple but powerful drawing. Really like muscle details

Entrambi i soggetti sono ben disegnati. Il tratto è semplice ma potente. Non male il dettaglio dei muscoli.

Wacom Intuos4 small tablet review

While the Bamboo and Bamboo Fun tablet models by Wacom are meant for office tasks that don't necessarily include illustration, the Intuos 4 and Cintiq line are meant for drawing and illustration.

The Intuos 4 models come in three sizes: small, medium and large. They weight less than its predecessors and are thinner too, so it's easy to carry them in a case. 

But if you're on a really tight budget and feel desperate to put your digital drawing capabilities to test, to see if you can keep up with the so-called 'new' era, you'd go for the small version.

Even for the $199 price on Amazon, you get an impressive 2048 levels of sensitivity, yet a good number of users would say that the price jump is unjustifiable when compared to the Intuos3 and Intuos2 versions. And there's the issue of the infamous shortcut buttons that sacrificed functionality for fanciness, being too small and too near each other.

Still, its design and surface is not as rough as previous versions and looks to enhance ergonomy. The ambidextrous capability is always a plus. The touch ring is one of the best features, it takes its time to get used to it but once you do, it feels comfortable as ever.

However, these Wacom models had one particular default issue with the USB port manufacturing and pen that came defective, that even forced the fabricant to replace the tablet per customer complaints and requests. That's why you can get a refurbished model as low as $139, but often without some of the accessories.

Beware also of the pen nibs. While the Intuos 4 models come with their pen holder, the nibs wear out too fast for frequent use. If you work 6-8 hours daily with your device, you'll know what I'm talking about. You'd have to spend an extra dollar or two for new pen nibs from time to time.

So now you see that it's not all bright, shiny and rosy when buying an expensive tablet if you're a beginner or struggling artist for the sake of it :-)

Still, if you have fallen in love with this model of Wacom tablet and feel like you can afford it, the refurbished PTK440 models have turned out wayyy better at a better price.

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