Second XXXHolic Rou OAD in the works!

Kodansha announced that a second XXXHolic Rou OAD is currently in production and is currently scheduled to be released next year.

The first OAD was launched in April with limited edition copies of this great Clamp novel by Nisio Isin.

xxxHolic has been continually published since 2003 in Kodansha's Young Magazine, but its serialization moved to Bessatsu Shonen Magazine in June of this year.

The anime began airing its first season in April 2006 with 24 episodes, and the second season aired in 2008.The current OADs form part of a third anime adaptation of this manga.

Gakuen Heaven - Shirtless Omi Shichijo

Shirtless muscle hot Omi Shichijo - Gakuen Heaven character

Naruto Shippuden anime September schedule!

The Pain saga ended with an interesting twist and it was awesome as we finally saw Naruto being recognized by his village.

Looks like we are going to deal with fillers and one week delay without our favorite series due to a Pokemon Black and White special airing in the same slot.

But they're pre-time skip fillers related to what just happened in the last episodes, developing Iruka-sensei's character, so they will be great this time, bringing back the nostalgia of the good ol' Naruto days!

September 2 - Iruka the Novice Teacher

September 9 - Iruka's trials

September 16 - Iruka's determination

September 23 - no episode

September 30
- Jounin in charge Hatake Kakashi

Thanks to Niko^ from Narutofan forums ^_^

Hot bara boys playing on the beach (Yaoi)

Hot muscle boys playing on the beach (Yaoi)

Milky Holmes: when too much moe is....well, too much!

Even a source such as AnimeNation didn't refrain to make such a comment regarding the trailer of this upcoming Tantei Opera anime that will premiere on October 7. "Haters gonna hate", the site says.

See it for yourself!

Director: Makoto Moriwaki
Series Composition: Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Music: Satoru Kousaki
Character Design: Seiya Numata
Animation Production: J.C. Staff

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes originally started as a PSP game created by Bushiroad that mixes mecha with detective mistery, and yes, it's about four Lucky Star loli detectives looking to solve diverse cases in an imaginary world based on the Era of Detectives, divided between ghost thieves and private detectives.


Gintama - Shirtless Gintoki

Shirtless undressing Gintoki Sakata from Gintama series

As a facebook friend of mine said ... "Gintoki is too beautifull not to share !"

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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles - Hot muscle bare chest Shaoran

Hot muscle tatooed bare chest bara boyShaoran(Syaoran) from Tsubasa Reservoir ChroniclesBel ragazzo tatuato a torso nudo

Image by  hidrico on DeviantArt

Artists passing away

This has been quite a mourning week for the industry as animator Shojuro Yamauchi, animator and director Satoshi Kon and the acclaimed puppeteer Kihachiro Kawamoto passed away.

Yamauchi was best known for his work in the Movie 'Spirited Away', which won an Oscar.

Director Satoshi Kon, known for his participation in series that featured alternative realities and altered states of the conscience, was working in a project for Madhouse titled Yume-Miru Kikai (The Dreaming Machine) when he passed away on August 24th, at 6:20 am, due to pancreatic cancer at 46 years of age. Madhouse will still continue the project.

And acclaimed puppermaster Kihachiro Kawamoto passed away at 85 due to pneumonia. He was known to fans worldwide as the director of the movie Shisha no Sho (The Book of the Dead), which was a puppet animated feature that striked for its originality.


Bleach - Hot Renji with sword

Hot shirtless Renji with sword from Bleach series

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Baka to Test OVA teaser trailer!

Following the previous announcement of an OVA for fall/ next year, Enterbrain publisher has released a new teaser trailer on their website that you can see here!

Great way to throw us a bone so we don't have to wait that much!

Hot blond muscle boy

This blond boy is gorgeous ...

Red eyes... is hea vampire ? or, maybe, a demon ( incubus ?) what is he for you ?

New Baka to Test OVA in the works

Shonen Ace magazine has announced that an OVA of this awesome series, adapted from the light novels by Kenji Inoue, is currently in production titled as 'Baka to Test to Shokanjyu' and it will come out next year along with the second season.

This is an amusing high school tale about a boy named Akihisa Yoshii, the 'idiot' (baka) of Fumizuki Academy, a rigid institution that separates and classifies their students by their rankings and qualifications. All students have the ability to summon a being called Shokanju, or Avatar, in order to battle to get the facilities of other classrooms.

The classes are divided from A to F, and while Class A is filled with the best students and their classroom has air conditioners, fancy seats, and such privileges, etc, the state of Class F is the complete opposite of that, leaving much to be desired.

Yoshii meets a girl named Mizuki Himeji, who suffered from a fever before an important test, which got her a zero and demoted inmediately to class F. They elaborate a plan together to take over the high ranks.

Final Fantasy - Sephirot

Sephirot from Final Fantasy

This week's featured AMV! (9)

I can't believe that I forgot to put the best amv of the week on Sunday, as I always do. Oh well, I definitely think that the content of this blog should be more versatile ;-)

This outstanding Kuroshitsuji AMV in HD quality surpasses by far everything I have seen in efforts of making a good video that conveys the right emotion, excitement and feelings of your favorite series.

It was done by ShionSuou of Youtube.

Hot blond surfer

wow... he's so hot ! ... a great image of a muscle surfer

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Saint Seiya: is Kagaho of Bennu the previous encarnation of Ikki of Phoenix?

With the great success of The Lost Canvas, the prequel series of Saint Seiya with an original spin has continued to gather the excitement of fans, old and new alike.

There has been quite a controversy over the web on the matter of the coincidences and similarities between Kagaho and Ikki.

The imagery is obvious and speaks for itself:

Having almost the same armor, the same looks, their renegade and reckless attitude.

The author, Masami Kurumada, and the co-author of the Lost Canvas series, Shiori Teshirogi, have neither confirmed or denied if Kagaho is in fact, Ikki's previous life.The constelation of Bennu represents the Egyptian myth version of the Phoenix, the celestial star of Violence, need I say more??

But as we know, mangakas will always prefer to leave things open.

Hot muscle speedo boys

This shirtless muscle speedo boys are really hot !

Goulart Knights will have an OVA in December

This great and limited-edition series by sion and Takumi Miyajima will have an straight to DVD OVA based on the first volume, and it is tentatively titled "Goulart Knights Evoked the Beginning Black".

The premise is pretty much like D-Grayman and they're alike, sharing similar Victorian aesthetics, but with differences as always.

The story begins after mysterious creatures named "Archons" suddenly appear in the world. Humanity faces the threat of annihilation from these creatures. Only the "Chalice," the source of humanity, can defeat the powerful Archons. So, the humans assemble an Archon-slaying unit from fighters who have the ability to bring forth the Chalice to fight. The ones chosen to fight the Archons with the Chalice as their weapon are called Goulart Knghts.

So, if you loved (and miss) D-Grayman, this is THE series to watch out for in December 25th, the date the DVD will be shipped.

Curious kitten and naked bara boy - funny (Yaoi)

Curious kitten and naked bara boy - funny yaoi

Natsu no Arashi! manga will end this September

The creator, Jin Kobayashi, has announced in the latest edition of Monthly Gangan Joker magazine that the final chapter of this great science fiction and romance story will come out on September 22.

The author, also known for School Rumble, will work on another story for Kodansha, but hasn't specified details yet, there's not even information on the name or the theme.

Natsu no Arashi! is the story of a boy named Hajime Yasaka, who meets an older high school girl named Sayoko, in a coffee shop. The girl, whose surname is "Arashi", reveals her secret during one fateful summer vacation.

The manga chapter started to come out on 2006, with an ongoing series that had its 2009 anime being simulcasted on Crunchyroll for audiences worldwide.

Bleach - Hot shirtless Shuhei Hisagi

Hot shirtless Shuhei Hisagi from Bleach

Bokkuko (tomboy) characters in anime

These types of characters can be quite common in some shonen manga. Bokkuko girls are basically tomboys that serve as sidekicks and can also play the role of the female heroine along with their hero counterpart.

They can be physically slim, with short hair, skinny and flat chested, yet also have particular skills that you would normally expect from their male counterpart. (Shonen manga can be a bit mysoginistic when it comes to delimiting specific roles by gender, so don't shoot the messenger here XD)

At least we know that these delimitations by gender are changing.

Good examples would be Tatsuki Arisawa from Bleach, or Tenten and Sakura from Naruto.

These type of characters have evolved into strong female characters that don't necessarilly have to be the less appealing, quite the contrary, in fact.

Look at Yuzuriha from Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas. In the original manga, she would have just been another side character as Marin and Shaina with little to almost no development. But she has a key role in helping her friends to achieve all the misions through Hades' Inferno.

Hot dressing bare chest boy

This young bare chest guy is so hot...

Studio Pierrot: behind the scenes

This is a tour video of the offices responsible for the majority of the great anime we see today (except when they have their 'awful' team days, of course!)

Provided by Anime News Network, check the video here!

(opens in a new window)

Cute undressing blond boy

Hot undressing bare chest wet blond boy

Cute warrior boy with staff

Cute warrior boy with staff

I think he's from some videogame, but don't know wich one :)

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Who is Tsugumi Ohba?: the possible origins of L Lawliet

It is believed that writer Tsugumi Ohba is no one other than Hiroshi Gamou, known by manga series such as Tottemo Luckyman, which had a popular anime in the 90's.

Another possibility is that it's Yuuko Asami, a Shonen Jump artist with titles such as Wild Half, Romancers and Jump Run. Given that Death Note was her first written manga, working with a pseudonym can be understandable.

And of course, there's also especulation on the possible idea that the L character is based on the physique and the personality of this mangaka, taking into account some elements such as:

-They use a pseudonym.
-Never been seen in public before.
-A snacks lover
-Thinking about things day and night.
-And the posture of sitting in a chair, hugging her (or his) knees.

In fact, he, (or she?) only communicates with the press through an avatar like this:

It's even hard to tell if it's a man or a woman.

Isn't this amusing? The fact that L could really exist in this world??? O_O

If she's actually a woman I can finally understand the whole yaoi KiraL going on XD

Now you can watch Black Rock Shooter streamed!

The Nico Nico Douga website has just begun yesterday to stream all the video anime of Black Rock Shooter in order to promote the upcoming OVA. These videos will be streamed until August 31.

Here's the link:

Although you can also get the trailers and previews here:

The soundtrack is one of the most badass things I've ever heard:

Looks friggin' sweet! :-)

Bleach - Hot boys strippers

bare chest Ichigo, Renji, Chad, Shuhei strippers - from Bleach

Composed using images from the web :)

Based on the great work art by yapi on Deviantart (here you can find her bleach gallery)

New Tamayura OVA trailer

This is the new preview trailer for the anime adaptation by creator/director Junichi Sato.

Tamayura is a 'healing' type of anime that started initially as a game by Honami Yukine and will come out in DVD in September.

'Healing' is a sub-genre of the Magical Girl genre that we know such as Sailor Moon.

Dragonball - Naked Goku

Naked Goku

Black Butler author is vehemently against illegal copies and downloads of her work

This is quite amusing as Yana Toboso, the author of this manga, also known as Kuroshitsuji, felt like she didn't want to preach, but she finds herself very annoyed when fans write her something in the lines of: "I read them (the manga) from ROMs I borrowed from a friend. LOL", or
"I found and watched all of them (the anime) on an overseas video site!", or
"I became a fan with the second season, and then I watched the entire first season on an overseas video site. lol It was very amusing!" 

For Toboso, downloading illegal copies of the Black Butler manga and its anime adaptation "is the same as shoplifting or leaving a restaurant without paying the bill.(...) we creators and voice actors will not eat; this is no joke, we will starve and die. This is not 'lol.'"

She then added that this goes against the Law of Equivalent Exchange, and that if this trend continued, she wouldn't have a job anymore. "Unauthorized videos + downloads are wrong, absolutely!" 

Could she be overreacting or does she have a point? If I put myself in her position, I find that I would be pretty F**cking pissed if too many people just downloaded my work like that, but then again, I would also be campaigning for people to support and buy my work.

After all, it's not like everyone can afford money to simply buy a book when they need to eat or pay the rent.
I know for a fact I can't pay $300 to have a legal Windows 7, so that's why I downloaded it, so that'd be a matter of each one's conscience, I guess.

Cute young mage

Young wizard, cute... from a videogame I think

Preliminary designs of the Saiyuki Gaiden OVA!

This just got me courtesy of, and it's the preliminary designs of the characters for the upcoming Sayuki Gaiden OVA that was announced last year:

You can find more here:

Tite Kubo: "it's common to hate the female antiheroine or heroine"

This is what the author of Bleach said in an interview regarding Orihime Inoue, the second most impopular character in the Bleach fandom, and added that if people don't like his story and how things are developing around the character, then they can choose to not read it.

This is the link to original interview by 2ch, although it is in Japanese and translation is always difficult.

What do you think? I really have nothing against Inoue-san, it's just that they pumped her too much in the anime, pairing her with Ichigo, in a sort of 'princess and the prince' way.

This week's featured AMV! (8)

This amv is dedicated to the always awesome fights between Mifune and Black Star of Soul Eater.

Mifune is probably one of the most badass characters ever with his serious stance and samurai code.

Video done by Starwindz85 of Youtube.


Hot bare chest drunk boy

a bit drunk and really hot boy !

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Funimation will license and distribute Ga-Rei: Zero anime!!

This prequel adaptation of the original manga by Hajime Segawa will be officially licensed and distributed in the United States, as it will come out in DVD in 2011 with all 12 episodes..

The story revolves around Kagura and Yomi, two highschool girls that are members of the special force called the Paranormal Disaster Countermeasure Headquarters (PDCH), an organization that responds directly to Japan's Ministry of Defense and it deals with all paranormal fenomena and disasters.

Can't wait to see when the actual Ga-rei story gets made into an anime too!!

Funimation will also stream the first two episodes in Youtube, just as it's been doing with Soul Eater lately.

Hot bare chest samurai with sword

Hot blood covered muscle bare chest samurai boy with sword

Legend of Zelda - Link's error - Funny

Wrong heart !

Boy kiss - Yaoi

Yaoi kiss - really cute !

Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls will premiere in Japan on October

This great series started as a multimedia web manga by Churuwo Kazahana, which adapted the original light novel series by Akira Suzuki.

The story revolves around an imaginary modern-day Japan that is still ruled by a shogunate and still maintains the isolation-from-the-rest-of-the-world policy.

The protagonists are Yukimura Sanada and Matabei Goto, who must fight against the female heads of the student council, Sen Tokugawa and Hanzo Hattori (note that all characters are the female versions of these historic figures).

There are also lots of bishounen there! XD

The six ovas will come to DVD-BlueRay starting on November 25, 2010, through April 27, 2011 and will include the web manga in an special enhanced edition.

Here is the trailer, the premise is spectacular!:

It has this 'Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X' feel to it, just that with girls!

New OreImo trailer!!!

OreImo stands for Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai! (this is the week of long names, I swear), meaning My Little Sister isn't that cute!

This anime adaptation will start airing on October, and the main site of this anime has already streamed a 63-second trailer that can be seen here.

The original story by authors Tsukasa Fushimi and Hiro Kanzaki revolves around a boy named Kyosuke Kosaka, a high school student that discovers that his sister is secretly a moé otaku, despite her serious and aloof appearance. 

The art is quite beautiful so it's definitely worth to check it out!

Naruto - Sasuke and Naruto Naked (Yaoi)

Naruto and Sasuke naked - Yaoi

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Kodansha will publish a manga adaptation of Yakuza Moon

Writer and editor Sean Michael Wilson revealed in an interview that he is working in four new manga that will be licensed in English, and one of them is Yakuza Moon (Yakuza na Tsuki), a manga adaptation of Shoko Tendo's autobiography as the daughter of a yakuza, with all that she's been through.

The book will be published first in Japan and then the international release will follow.

Naked boys (Yaoi)

Naked boys cleaning... so sweet !

New Kochikame live action movie announced

This manga that has lasted over 30 years and 170 volumes will get a new live action adaptation, as we will have to see yet more adventures and funny situations in the daily life of police officer Ryōtsu Kankichi.

This classic police comedy series by Osamu Akimoto has been running since 1976, has gotten two live adaptations in both cinema and television, an anime series (from 1996 to 2004) and two anime films.

 Kochikame also stands for Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen-mae Hashutsujo (quite long, huh?), and it's definitely the longest running manga series in history, selling 135 million copies around the world.

The plot is simple and takes place in present day, despite that the backgrounds have changed from 70's Japan to 00's Japan. The protagonist, Ryo-san, is a thirty-six year old police officer with the personality of a twelve-year old. His laziness when it comes to work is matched only by his zeal and cleverness in hatching money-making schemes, the fruits of which are invariably squandered on toys, gadgets, and cheap entertainment.

Hot boys shower

Hot naked guys shower

Naruto - Cute Sasuke x Naruto kiss (Yaoi)

Cute Naruasu kiss - Yaoi

The second season of Fireball (Flügel) would premiere on 2011!

According to and Canned Dogs, there is a high posibility that a second season of this cult status series by TOEI and Disney animation will premiere next year.

The innovation around this series is that is 100% CGI animated, with no cel-shading, meaning that the figures are not meant to appear hand-drawn.

There's not much context information available, but the plot takes place in the distant future of the 49th millennium, and revolves around the happenings inside a giant robot city manor, named 'Tempest Tower', inhabited by two robots; the gynoid duchess Drossel von Flügel, and her massive cyclopian servant, Gedächtnis.
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