Sora no Otoshimono anime movie trailer!!

Kadokawa released on its youtube channel the latest preview for the movie Gekijō-ban Sora no Otoshimono: Tokei Jikake no Angeloid, that serves as a continuation of the two anime series.

SoraOto is also known as Heaven's Lost Property, and the manga is by creator Suu Minazuki.

Inuyasha - cute as human boy, naked in bed

Inuyasha - hot and nice mucle, naked in bed

Cute embracing boys (yaoi)

Cute embracing boys - yaoi

X-Men anime teaser!!

I was a bit dissappointed with how the Wolverine anime produced by Madhouse turned out. The story and plot were

But now I'm getting my hopes up again with the teaser of this upcoming series which will premiere on April, produced by the same studio.

You can either see it here, at the official website, or here in youtube:

Inuyasha - Bare chest Narako

Bare chest Narako from Inujasha ... I love the muscles ! :)

Code Geass - Suzaku shirtless

Shirtless Suzaku from Code Geass

I love the "Code Geass" decoration on brief :-)

Shima Kosaku anime pilot is online on youtube!

The anime adaptation of the business drama manga by Kenshi Hirokane is online for free viewings on Youtube.

Shima Kosaku stands for Shimako Daikaiju Shima Kosaku no Maki. It depicts the life of a salaryman, a Japanese white-collar worker who devotes his life to his company. It won the Kodansha award in 1991.

It is quite an interesting initiative of a completely flash based anime, as it shows you the possibilities of doing so for aspiring anime/manga artists.

Here it is!

Hot boy taking off his shirt at school

Hot undressing shirtless boy at school

This week's featured AMV: Bleach

Well, today is the end of the Aizen arc and the traditional Bleach anime as we know it, and then we'll just have fillerology for quite some time. It's been quite a long time with this series, huh?

So, to celebrate I'm going to feature this great video by gregz77173 from youtube.

Great pacing and great scenes!

Inuyasha - Naked Sesshomaru, muscle demon boy

Naked Sesshomaru, muscle demon boy, Inuyasha brother

One Piece - Zoro x Sanji naked kiss (yaoi)

Zoro x Sanji shirtless kiss - One piece - (yaoi)

Wonderful shirtless blond desert dragon boy

This image is simply perfect, a really gorgeous blond boy.
I really love the dragon tatoo effect on his chest. The artist is a genius.

The Ao no Exorcist contest on DeviantArt is on!

To celebrate the fact that the anime premieres on April (tentatively April 3rd since it's going to air on Sundays), we, at our group #Ao-no-Exorcist on DeviantArt are organizing a contest in which the winners get some nice prices!

Here's the info from our Ao No Exorcist page:


:bulletred:Contest Title: Risin' up, the Anime!

:bulletgreen:Theme: The AnE Anime! Artworks based on the trailers are good shot.
:bulletred::pointr:Start: March 1st*
:bulletblue:End: June 1st*
:bulletblack:*Dates may change if needed be.

:bulletgreen:During te contest there will be a file named "Contest",that's where you must submit your art.
:bulletgreen:Before or after you submit your art you must comment on the blog post with something like: "I submited <link> for the contest." Just to let me know, so I can put your name and the link on the post. ALL SORTS OF ARTWORKS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Drawings, written works, whatever.
:bulletgreen: The theme is the AnE anime, I highly recoment you all to watch the trailers again and base yourself on this.
:bulletgreen:It would be apreciated if you'd put on the Artist Comment part something like "This deviation is for the contest on the Ao no Exorcist group." with our link or banner, something like that.
:bulletblue:It has to be Ao no Exorcist related.
:bulletblue:It has to be an original piece, no stealing.
:bulletblue:It has to be something made for this contest, not something you had already submited on the group.

:bulletred: PRIZES!

:bulletgreen: FIRST PLACE.
- Their Artwork on our Featured spot!
- Their Artwork featured on :iconnakamuratoki: Nakamura's blog, [link] !
- Get to choose 3 of the prize donators to make yourself a prize!

:bulletgreen: SECOND PLACE.
- Their Artwork on our Featured spot!
- Get a prize from one of the prize donators to make yourself a prize!

:bulletgreen: THIRD PLACE.
- Their Artwork on our Featured spot!
- Get a prize from one of the prize donators to make yourself a prize!

:bulletgreen: FOURTH PLACE.
- Their Artwork on our Featured spot!

:bulletred: PRIZE DONATORS!
- Just to remember you, those guys can also take part in the contest, just can't get a prize from themselves!

:icondragonlurker: dragonlurker
:iconmayamei: mayamei
:icondanyeda: Danyeda
:iconl3gitimat3: L3gitimat3
:iconjkingbudha: jkingbudha

What are you waiting for? Do your best!

Feel free also to join our group anytime and always check out the latest updates on both the anime and manga of this great series by Kazue Kato!!!

Inuyasha in brief... undressing!

Near naked Inuyasha in brief

So cute... isn't he ?

Bleach anime is not going to end: we'll have fillers until the new arc begins!

The calendar for Bleach episodes in March hints that we're going to have a fillerology ala Naruto before the new arc post-timeskip begins.

How much will this fillerology last? 3 months? 6? 1 year?

311"The Soul Detective・Karakuraizer Takes Off Again!"
"Tamashī no keiji・Karakuraizā sai hasshin!" (魂葬刑事・カラクライザー再発進!) 
March 1, 2011
312"Inauguration! The Brand New 2nd Division Captain!"
"Shūnin! Arata naru ban ni ban tai taichō!" (就任!新たなる二番隊隊長!) 
March 8, 2011
Could this be true? Or is this a distraction to throw us off?

Mentaiko - Hot bara boys in pool, stolen speedo

Hot bara naked  boys in pool, stolen speedo

Hakuōki Hekketsu-roku will get its OVA series

According to the official website of this game adapted into a historical romance anime, the 5 OVAS dedicated to each protagonist will premiere on summer of this year.

So, if you wanted to see more bishonen, this is it!

The series will feature volumes devoted to the characters Toshizō Hijikata, Sōji Okita, Hajime Saitō, Sanosuke Harada, and Heisuke Tōdō, although the volume order has not been decided yet.

Soji Okita

Sanosuke Harada

Another interpretation of Hajime Saito?

Toshizo Hijikata

Heisuke Todo

Note that these characters are based off their historic counterparts, and also have been featured in other interpretations and series such as Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X).

Now you see why such names as Hajime Saito and Sanosuke Harada sounded familiar, eh? ;-)

Michael Breyette - Shirtless muscle cowboys

Shirtless muscle cowboys by Michael Breyette

The Witch Of Artemis Anime

The Witch Of Artemis Anime

Fairy Navigator Runa Anime

Fairy Navigator Runa Anime

Heroman Anime Series


Heroman Anime Series

Best Retirement Invesments