Naruto Shippuden May schedule!

The fight between Danzo and Sasuke, one of the best depicted in the anime in my opinion, continues and it makes you wonder if this is all a setup by Madara? Naruto needs to settle his mind and Sakura wants to kill Sasuke herself before he goes deeper and deeper in his path of darkness.

Episode 210 "The Forbidden Visual Jutsu" (禁じられた瞳術) May 5, 2011

Episode 211 "Danzo Shimura" (志村ダンゾウ) May 12, 2011

Episode 212 "Sakura's Resolve" (サクラの覚悟) May 19, 2011

Episode 213 "Lost Bonds" (失われた絆) May 26, 2011

Hetalia - Hot shirtless read haired boy

Hot shirtless read haired boy from Hetalia

I don't know the nation. Anyone recognize him ?

Muscle near naked boy in underwear

Muscle near naked boy in underwear

Naruto - Shirtless Kakashi in swimsuit

Shirtless Kakashi in speedo from Naruto TV series

Joe Phillips - Hot surfer boys on the beach

Hot muscle surfer boys in speedo by Joe Phillips

Mobile Suit Z Gundam manga announced!

There's quite some interesting developments in Kadokawa Shoten as of lately, as Gundam Ace magazine and another Kadokawa magazine, Monthly Newtype, are collaborating this summer on a new manga magazine.

The magazine will feature tie-in manga for franchises in other media, and the announcement features images from Sunrise's upcoming Sacred Seven television anime series and BONES' upcoming Towa no Quon anime film series. More details will be provided in the next issue of Monthly Gundam Ace.

Also, more great news for mecha fans!

The June issue of Monthly Gundam Ace is also announcing that creator Hiroyuki Kitazume is drawing a new manga adaptation of Yoshiyuki Tomino and Sunrise's Mobile Suit Z Gundam robot anime series in the next issue in May. Kitazume had worked as an animation designer on the Z Gundam television series, and then he designed the characters in the Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ and Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack sequels. Kenichi Matsuzaki, the scriptwriter who was responsible for the first Gundam series' scripts, setting, and science-fiction research, is acting as the supervisor of the new manga.

Matsuzaki is credited with Gundam's version of space colonies (based on physicist Gerard K. O'Neill's original concepts), Minovsky particle, and Solar System weapon. Kitazume had previously drawn the Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Deleted Affair ~ Portrait of Young Comet manga in Gundam Ace from the magazine's inaugural issue in 2001 to 2009. The character designer of the first Gundam series, Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, has also been drawing his Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin re-imagining of the first Gundam story since Gundam Ace's inaugural issue. The magazine happens to be celebrating its 10th anniversary in June.

Source: ANN

Ben Ten - Kevin Levin near naked in underwear

Adult version of Kevin Levin from Ben Ten series,
hot muscle, near naked in underwear (maybe speedo)

Teen titans - Robin and Superboy kiss (yaoi)

Teen titans - Superboy and Robin kissing, cute yaoi fanart by aaronica

Nice fanart by aaronica on DeviantArt

Hot undressing bara boy

Hot undressing bara boy 

Fireball Charming preview

The second and third episodes of the Fireball Charming television anime series began streaming on the anime's YouTube channel on Friday. This second series of Fireball television animation shorts from writer/director Wataru Arakawa premiered in Japan's Tokyo MX TV and Disney Channel earlier this month. Jinni's Animation Studios is returning to produce the 3D computer animation about a female robot duchess named Drosel von Flügel (played by Miyuki Kawasho) and her guardian servant robot Gedächtnis (Toru Ohkawa).

Source: ANN

RIP Osamu Desaki, co-founder of MADHOUSE studio

The classic known as 'Rose of Versailles'
Acclaimed anime director Osamu Dezaki passed away on April 17 due to lung cancer.

He was 67. Dezaki joined the Mushi Productions anime studio in 1963, and made his directorial debut with the 1970 Ashita no Joe television series.

Dezaki and Masao Maruyama co-founded MADHOUSE in 1972. Osamu Dezaki was widely recognized for his trademark use of stylized freeze-frames, split-screens, and split-screens.

He is fondly remembered as the director of anime series including Ace wo Nerae!, Ganba no Boken, Takarajima, Space Adventure Cobra, Rose of Versailles, the Golgo 13 and Black Jack anime films, and most recently the 2009 Genji Monogatari Sennenki television series.

Source: ANN

Saint Seiya Lost Canvas season 2 trailer

The production company TMS Entertainment began streaming a 92-second promotional video for the fourth volume in the second video anime season based on Masami Kurumada and Shiori Teshirogi's Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas - Meiō Shinwa manga on Wednesday. The mythical action manga's story is set in the middle of the 18th century, 243 years before the first Saint Seiya storyline.

Source: ANN

Hot speedo boys in pool (yaoi)

Two really hot boys muscular and in speedo relaxing in pool... sweet :)

Rurouni Kenshin will have a new anime!!

This classic anime, also known as Samurai X, has an anime project in production, according to the June issue of Shueisha's Jump Square magazine. More information will be provided in future issues of Jump Square.

Nobuhiro Watsuki's original 1994-1999 samurai manga in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump inspired a television anime series that is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. Viz Media published the manga in North America, and Media Blasters' AnimeWorks label released the television anime. ADV Films released the two OVA projects and the film under the licenser's prescribed title Samurai X.

It's highly likely that there could be a series of OVAS, but who knows?

Pillow Fight - Sweet boys playing in underwear (yaoi)

"Pencils and inks by Adam DeKraker. Colors by Winona Nelson.
(c) 2011 Alex Woolfson."

Today I want to share with you an incredibly beautiful image by Yaoi911 , the really great yaoi comic site I spoken about some time ago (Yaoi911). Here you can see Mike and Rob from Tough (a great comic, a must read) having a pillow fight in their underwear! I think that this image is simply perfect, you can really feel the complicity between the two lovers. Really an awesome work, it's so rare to find a so beautiful, and by no means, vulgar yaoi image. If you want to download the image as a free wallpaper you can join Yaoi911 newsletter, and I absolutely recommend it!

New [C]: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control trailer

In modern-day Japan, an ordinary economics student named Kimimaro Yoga suddenly encounters Masakaki, a shady man from the Bank of Midas. Masakaki offers Kimimaro some lending money and a chance to be a player in a parallel-world "Financial District" — with Kimimaro's future potential as collateral.

UPDATE: The series will be simulcast by Funimation, and it will premiere on April 21th.

Pl-Nunn - Hot boys orgy (yaoi)

Shirtless and naked hot boys orgy image by Pl Nunn - also featuring Hero and Duo (yaoi)

Teen Titans - Superboy with speedo

near naked superboy in speedo, nice muscles!

Awesome image by kenjiarts on DeviantArt

Samurai Shodown - Haoumaru hot shirtless muscle fighter

Haoumaru hot shirtless bara fighter from Samurai Shodown game

YenPlus magazine adds Avi Arad's and Jun'ichi Fujisaku's 'The Innocent' series

So, aside from Stan Lee, this improves the list of foreign authors having success with manga not only in Japan, but around the world too!

The American publisher Yen Press announced on Monday that it would add The Innocent manga series to its Yen Plus digital anthology. The series was created by Avi Arad, former Marvel Entertainment Chief Creative Officer (CCO)/Marvel Studios CEO and current chair of Production I.G. USA, along with Blood+ television anime director Jun'ichi Fujisaku and Korean manhwa/manga artist YaSung Ko (Stigmata). The first chapter of The Innocent runs in the April issue of Yen Plus, which also launched on Monday.

The series revolves around a detective who, after being executed for a crime he did not commit, is sent back to earth with special powers to prevent similar executions of the innocent.

Yenpress also had this this to say on their homepage:

Springtime is here! Trees are budding, flowers are blooming, and new series are popping up in the pages of YEN PLUS! Please join us in welcoming The Innocent to Side B of this month’s mag, with story by entertainment giant Avi Arad and Junichi Fujisaku and art by YaSung Ko!

After he is wrongly executed for crimes he did not commit, a former detective is given a second chance at life by the Committee. Infused with the power to manipulate the ashes which are all that remain of his mortal form, Johnny (now Ash) is sent to prevent the wrongful deaths of others unjustly accused in life. His “mentor” in this venture, Angel, is less than thrilled to be working with a human, especially one as impure as Ash…and Ash doesn’t seem too keen on following the Committee’s directives either… If you like action and mystery, be sure to check out The Innocent this month in YEN PLUS!

So much new stuff going on here at Yen Press! But don’t worry, there are still great new chapters of all your old favorites in this month’s issue! Witch & Wizard, Yotsuba&!, K-ON!, and let’s not forget those colorful zombies in Highschool of the Dead!

For those of you who entered the New Talent Search, please check out editor JuYoun’s letter for her comments about the Search!

As always, please leave your feedback here! Let us know what you think of the new additions to YEN PLUS!

Glee - Puck and Kurt kissing (yaoi)

Puck (Mark Salling) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) - Purt kiss,  from Glee TV series  (yaoi)

Nice "Purt" image by purtmaker01 on DeviantArt

What hunks do on the beach

Gorgeous hot muscle studs in speedo eating on the beach...

Image by rocketman on DeviantArt

Superantural - Sam and Dean Winchester

Winchester boys - from anime version of Supernatural

Nice image by lehanan on DeviantArt

ANN interviews Blue Exorcist author Kazue Kato!!!

ANN interviewed Blue Exorcist author Kazue Kato on her series becoming an anime, the use of biblical references and more!

Interview: Blue Exorcist mangaka Kazue Kato
by Zac Bertschy, Apr 8th 2011

We had a chance to talk for a few moments with Kazue Katō, the creator of Blue Exorcist; the manga premiered in the US on April 5th from Viz Media, with an iPad version available on April 11th. The anime series will be simulcast across multiple streaming sites later this month.

ANN: Please give us your personal overview as to what Blue Exorcist is about.

Kato: It is the story of the growth of a boy who was born between Satan and a human.

What themes were most important to you personally as you were creating this series? What themes and messages are you hoping to get across?

Kato: There isn't a “high” message in it, but I tried to create a manga that would intrigue teenagers and people in their early twenties . They are target of the magazine which carries this manga.

What were your chief inspirations when creating Blue Exorcist?

Kato: It originally was inspired by a Brothers Grimm fairy tale, where brothers combat monsters. Then, I tried to make the story flip several times, and settled down into a simple structure of demons versus an exorcist.

Was it always your goal for the manga to become an anime series?

Kato: No, it wasn't. I was frantically trying to not miss my deadlines. But, looking back, I should have thought about the possibility of it becoming an animated series.

Did the possibility of the series becoming an anime influence your writing process?

Kato: I did attend the meetings where the script for the animated series was being discussed. I felt overwhelmed by the dynamics of many people teaming up and creating something. Personally, my manga creation process is a lonely one, especially when it comes to script writing. I felt that I also wanted to get some input for the writing of the script for manga, although the constraints of the production process doesn't really permit that sort of thing.

There are a lot of biblical references in Blue Exorcist; after the controversy surrounding Neon Genesis Evangelion, were you at all hesitant to include these references?

Kato: As I commented as above, I did not expect that I would be so consistent in keeping my deadlines for the series so far... I made biblical references with the thinking that “I should not run away from these references if I'm working in the Exorcist genre.” But, I understand that Western countries are more sensitive to stories with biblical references than Japan is. Right now, the “Blue Exorcist” manga is currently being translated in France, UK, and the U.S. I was surprised to see some of translations, and thought, “Is it okay to translate that part?” or “Could the fans in Christian countries enjoy reading this?” I got those feelings. I still get those feelings.

Now that your manga is an anime series, how much has your involvement in the production of the anime series interrupted your work on the manga?

Kato: I could get involved with checking on the whole series structure, and on the script for the earlier part of the show, and with the character designs of original characters for the anime series. The challenging part in being involved with an anime was simply the increased workload. But, of course, it was a happy thing.

© Kazue Katō/SHUEISHA, Blue Exorcist Committee, MBS

Deadman Wonderland trailer

If you loved Prison Break and miss that series to death, don't worry!

The official website for the Deadman Wonderland television anime series began streaming two advance promotional videos off Kadokawa's YouTube channel on Friday. The first video features the opening theme song "One Reason" by fade, while the second video features the ending theme song "Shiny Shiny" by NIRGILIS.

Jinsei Kataoka and Kazuma Kondou's original Deadman Wonderland manga is set after the destruction of most of Tokyo by an earthquake, and it centers on Ganta Igarashi, a middle school student framed for the murder of his classmates. Igarashi is sentenced to Deadman Wonderland, a bizarre privatized prison that is one part incarceration and one part public spectacle for tourists. The television anime will premiere on April 16.

Source: ANN

Michael Breyette - hot boys embracing in a church (yaoi)

Hot muscular boys embracing in a church covered in light (yaoi)

Virtua Fighter - Akira, bara muscle fighter

Akira, bara muscular fighterfrom Virtua Fighter game

Where to preorder Blue Exorcist BD/DVDs?

CdJapan has just made them available in their various regular/limited DVD/BD versions  for preorder!

**Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist) 1 [w/CD, Limited Edition]**

**Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist) 1 [w/CD, Limited Release] [Blu-ray]**

**Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist) 1 [Regular Edition]**

**Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist) 2 [Blu-ray]**

**Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist) 2**

Phi-Brain: Kami no Puzzle trailer

NHK channel just released today a new trailer for this upcoming anime. The adventure series about two high-schoolers that challenge dangerous “philosopher’s puzzles” will premiere in October.

Soul Calibur - Rock, hot bara muscle fighter

Rock, hot bara muscle shirtless fighter - Soul Calibur 3

Blue Exorcist BD/DVDs will ship on June 22 and July 27!

With plenty of great extras! This series is going big!

The official website for the Blue Exorcist television anime announced on Monday that the anime's first two Blu-ray and DVD volumes will include "Ura-Eku" ("B-side Exorcist") anime bonus extras in Japan. Aniplex will ship the first two volumes on June 22 and July 27.

Besides the "Ura-Eku" anime, the limited editions for the first two volumes will also each include a case illustrated by Keigo Sasaki (the anime's character designer), two special tarot cards, an illustrated postcard, a mail-away form for an upcoming event, and an original web preview. The limited edition for the first two-episode volume will also add a five-volume box illustrated by Kazue Katō (the creator of the original manga series), an original drama CD, and the credit-less opening and ending sequences. The limited edition for the second three-episode volume will add a color booklet and a collection of television commercials and promotional videos.

The Blue Exorcist anime adapts Katō's original supernatural manga and will premiere on April 17, after being delayed one week.

Source: ANN, Saishin Anime Joho

Near naked hot Minato

Hot near naked Minato

Samurai Shodown - Gaira, hot shirtless muscle bara fighter

Gaira, hot shirtless bara muscle fighter from Samurai Shodown game

X-Men - Nightcrawler naked

X-Men - Nightcrawler naked

Final Fantasy - All boys near naked in speedo

All Final Fantasy boys near naked, adamitic speedo only

Naked muscle bara boys have a shower

Naked muscle bara boys have an hot shower

The blushing one is so cute :)

New official Blue Exorcist trailer!

Set to premiere on April 17th, simulcast by Crunchyroll!

Hot red rose boy

Hot muscle boy with long black hairs, love the chest muscles details !
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