Which is cheaper for tattoo removal: dermabrasion or laser?

In this procedure, tattoo artists fade a tattoo by tattooing lidocaine and saline solution over unwanted tattoo. This is beneficial for older tattoos. This procedure is relatively harmless and cheaper. Though finding a tattoo artist to perform this task is difficult.

Hmmm, considering the whole thing with price, dermabrasion, but that doesn't remove tattoos really well, so you might have to do it a lot! Actually, dermabrasion removes just a few layers of skin and is not intended to remove big scars like a tattoo, since a tattoo is technically a scar. It is only to rejuvenate the skin. So I would go with laser removal for an effective removal. Also, laser might be potentially cheaper because you would need to go to dermabrasion a lot, I mean a lot! of times for it to even diminish. So laser would be the best option here.
Dermabrasion? I havent actually even heard of that as a method of removal. Why would you scratch the tattoo out of your skin? The laser is used to break up and disperse the ink which naturally gets flushed out of your body after that.
I guess to answer your question, dermabrasion is much cheaper than laser treatments (multiple are needed).
Also, have you ever thought about having the area tattooed over? If its something you dont want to see anymore, you could always get something else over top of it. This would be much cheaper than either method you mentioned.

The choice of removal methods depends on a number of things. For example, what kind of tattoo is it? Is it amateur or homemade or is it professional? An amateur or homemade tattoo is usually one color and not as deep, making it easier to remove. Where the tattoo is located also has an impact. Tattoos on the ankles, hands and fingers are more difficult to remove.

Can I get a tattoo after a chemical peel or dermabrasion?

I plan on getting a tattoo on my upper back, but have acne and taking a treatment for it to finally go away. I am positive that I have a few scars back there from the acne. I've heard that its hard to tattoo with scars. So i thought about getting a chemical peel or some dermabrasion to remove the scaring and eventually getting the tattoo. Is this a good idea or an extremely stupid one. Professional opinions would be great.

Microdermabrasion is not going to get rid of acne scarring...don't waste your money. Chemical peels are pretty much going to deliver the same results unless they are very heavy medical grade and you risk other problems like hypopigmentation. There is far more down time on that than a month to wait for a tattoo. The same with laser resurfacing.
Talk to a dermatologist if you really want to consider altering your skin before the tattoo. There is no problem tattooing over acne scars.

You can do a chemical peel, it works very good. But then you have to wait for a month to have your skin strengthen a bit to have a tattoo.You can do microdermabrasion which you have to do it every 2 weeks 1 month, depending how bad is your back. You will get result in a few months and you can do a tattoo about a week later.I prefer microdermabrasion as chemical peel is a stronger peel. Microdermabrasion has no downtime, which seem more appropriate if you decided to get a tattoo.

Hi, it all depends on the type, proximity, age and severity of the scars. The meatier the area is usually the better. Your artist will decide on what is best. I suggest having a chat to a few and they will let you know when is best, always best to get more than one opinion, you'll have it for life.I think it is a good idea, nice tatt looks much better than a scar.

Does at home dermabrasion work to remove tattoos?

I would like to know if it would help remove tattoos on the face and neck.

Dermabrasion- literal meaning- removing skin using an abrasive .Yes, you can remove a tattoo this way, but you have to remove all the skin above the tattoo first...if you choose to do this be very aware of infection and be prepared for it to hurt like a mofo

It works-very slowly-it takes about a year to fade them, it has to be used 3 times a day,regularly.If you miss a cleansing it will take even more time.

I would say no, i mean it would fade the colors of the tattoo, but it won't remove it. The ink from a tattoo goes under 1st layer of skin which is the Dermis. I would save the money and have it removed by a laser. Since alll your doing is just fading and it will look really bad, not to mention you might be damaging your skin. Another reason not to get face or neck tattoos.

Dermabrasion tattoo removal?

i have been doing my research and found a method of tattoo removal called "layered dermabrasion." it is essentially the removal of the top layers of skin to get rid of the tattoo. my tattoo is on the top of my right foot where the skin is already thin... does anyone know if my chances of receiving the dermabrasion technique and having it work are positive or should i continue to look for any alternative... or does anyone know how often this technique is performed? I just need some constructive opinions on this...

Well generally dermabrasion works on the top layers to improve skin imperfections. When done for tattoo removal they have to go well into the dermis. I would expect scarring. I am not a fan at all of this technique for removal. It is antiquated - laser is much better.

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