Northstar - undressing muscle superhero

Northstar bare chest, showing his gorgeous abs !
(Northstar a torso nudo, mostra i suoi favolosi pettorali)

This is an image by Joe Phillips that I found on the web. As soon as I saw it I had to colour it ! he's so gorgeous. Hope you like the colours and backgroud !

Questa è un'immagine realizzata da Joe Phillips che ho trovato sul web. Appena l'ho vista ho dovuto colorarla ! è così favoloso :) Spero che vi piacciano colori e sfondo. Più in basso il disegno originale di Joe Phillips.

Northstar black and white sketch by Joe Phillips
(Northstar, schizzo in bianco e nero di Joe Phillips)

This is the original work by Joe Phillips !

Togainu no Chi - Gunji - bloody tatooed and muscular

Bloody tatooed muscle guy (Gunji) from BL game - Togainu no Chi
(Ragazzo muscoloso e tatuato dal videogame yaoi - Togainu no Chi)

Hatake Kakashi: Calm and collected

If there's a complex, level-headed and cool character in Naruto, it's none other than Kakashi-sensei.

The son of Hatake Hakumo, the White Fang, he was always angst-ridden and pointed at by the people of Konoha over the fact that his father chose to help his friends instead of carrying out the mission succesfully.

He was a prodigy shinobi from an early age, always obsessed with doing things the right way, that meaning merely 'being a killing tool', which was what ninjas were originally meant to be.

Until he met his teammates Rin and Uchiha Obito. Obito, his dying partner that transferred his remaining sharingan eye to him, is the one that first said these famous words:

"Those that break the rules and regulations are scum. But those who abandon their comrades are worse than scum"

Through the series, we see how Kakashi changes his vision of life and the world, a transition from the old era of ninjas, from the cycle of never ending wars and hatred, to a more human one, and that is also through his disciples Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto (Team 7).

Kakashi-sensei also has a funny side, always arriving late to meetings, and reading the soft porn novels written by Jiraiya (Icha Icha tactics) in his free time, which means he's also a 'closet' perv ^_^

I don't think we will get to ever see his face without the mask, yet the episode with Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke trying to find out is one the classic moments in the series.

Halloween muscle zombie boy

Creepy Halloween to all !

Nice pic by Davidd13 on DeviantArt

Hot bara guy in speedo, nice butt :)

Hot near naked bara guy in speedo
( Ragazzo muscoloso in costume... bel sedere ! )

Cowboy Bebop tribute album released!

Following with the likes of the tribute Samurai Champloo soundtrack released two weeks ago, musician SinitusTempo, along with Obii Say, released a new Cowboy Bebop tribute album titled 'Cowboy Biibop Soundtrack EP'

Check it out for the awesomeness!

Curiosities: Three lost scripts by Akira Kurosawa found!

Three lost scripts by the legendary Japanese filmmaker (The Seven Samurai, Dreams) have been found in different places and they all date from before he achieved international fame.

The Tokyograph reports that the movie script Kanokemaru no Hitobito was discovered at the Shinobu Hashimoto Memorial Hall in Ichikawa, Hyogo, Japan. The script was written by screenwriter Shinobu Hashimoto, who was a collaborator of Kurosawa, based on an original idea by the director. The script was planned for a 1951 adaptation starring Toshiro Mifune (!!!!!), but the movie was never shot.

The script for Toho’s collaboratively directed 1946 film Asu wo Tsukuru Hitobito has been rediscovered. Since the film had multiple directors, Kurosawa refused to accept credit for the script during his lifetime.

Whereas a script for Kurosawa’s 1942 radio drama Youki na Koujou was discovered in Waseda University’s Tsubochi Memorial Theatre Museum. Kurosawa wrote the play while he was still working as an assistant director.

Ismael Alvarez - Hot muscle tatooed guy

Hot shirtless muscle tatooed guy by Ismael Alvarez

Funimation will simulcast Kuragehime and SoraOto!

It was about time! From this Thursday, Anime News Network announced that Funimation began its plans to begin simulcasting the current Princess Jellyfish (Kuragehime) television anime this Thursday and the current Heaven’s Lost Property Season Two (Sora no Otoshimono Forte) TV anime series this Friday. Crunchyroll began officially streaming the later series four weeks ago.

Great news, if you know what I mean

Hot muscolar shirtless warrior

Hot bara shirtless warrior
( Guerriero muscoloso a torso nudo )

Great art by Markovah on DeviantArt

Hot pool muscle boy (Yaoi)

Hot wet muscle boy in speedo

Hot muscular boy by Elf-fin on DeviantArt

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Hot bara warrior with dragon

Really an hot muscle warrior :) love the sad face !

Naruto Shippuden anime November schedule

(courtesy of Insane111 from NarutoFan forums)

This month we've got more good ol' pre-time skip filler mixed with canon material. 

They are handling it very well, forget about those infamous and dreaded 200+ fillerology episodes before the premiere of Naruto Shippuden O_o

November 4 - (episode 184) - [Set Out! Team Tenten]

November 11 - (episode 185) - [Animal No Mans Land]

November 18 - (episode 186) - [Ah, Medicinal Pill of Youth]

November 25 - (episodes 187-188) [Tale of the Gutsy Teacher and Student Ninja] One Hour Special

Sven de Rennes - Hot shirtless beach boys

Hot tanned shirtless muscle beach boys by Sven de Rennes

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Hot red haired shirtless muscle boy

Really really hot shirtless muscle boy with long awesome red hairs

Upcoming Kuragehime DVD/BD to include manga spinoffs!

The author of this manga, Akiko Higashimura, originally drew a short running series called 'Kuragehime heroes', in Kiss Plus magazine by Kodansha, but it wasn't included in the 'tankobon' (volume book) for the Kuragehime manga we know.

Yet these short mangas are going to included as a bonus in the upcoming DVD/BD for next year, to celebrate the premiere of the anime.

Could this open the possibility for OVAS in the future? ^_^

Young avengers - Gay Heroes Wiccan and Hulking (Yaoi)

Shirtless muscle gay heroes, Wiccan & Hulkling, by Joe Phillips

Wiccan and Hulking, young gay heroes kissing (yaoi)

Cute video about the gay heroes Wiccan and Huliking :)

Brent Corrigan naked as a merman

Brent Corrigan, the famous gay porn actor lying naked on a rock, as an hot merman

A great pic by Ismael Alvarez.

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Smuggler manga will get a movie adaptation!

This story by Shohei Manabe has just got a film greenlit, it isn't still specified if it will be live action or anime. Kodansha will announce more details in the upcoming Monthly Afternoon magazine.

This manga has been serialized by TokyoPop since its publication in 2006.

It is the story of Ryōsuke Kinuta, a mediocre actor with serious debt problems.

In order to pay his debts, his loaner arranges a job for him as part of a corpse disposal team, transporting the bodies of victims of gang hits out of the city and watching that they are never seen again.

The team gets slowly involved in the middle of a mob war, working for both sides, which means trouble and continous danger for them.

The Tokyo International Anime Fair will sponsor 4 new anime pilots for 2011

This is great news since it's an opportunity for independent artists to have their work showcased and possibly with a renewed contract for an entire season of their series.

The four selected works for a sponsored production of pilots were:

Creator: French curve/Tetsurō Kodama (Mardock Scramble CGI director, Yasai no Yousei - N.Y. Salad art director, Namie Amuro's "Wild/Dr.")

This story centers around the unprofitable artist Sam, the unprofitable playwright Bowman, and their friend Gurekku. The one thing they all have in common is that they are poor. The three decide to enter a contest to earn money — but since they cannot afford to mail their entries, they decide to take the long trip to the competition site to bring their entries in person. Kodama is planning the project as a series of 10-minute episodes that will last about 13 to 26 weeks.

Creator: Studio RF/Romanov Higa (Catblue: Dynamite, TANK S.W.A.T. 01, Metal Gear Sold: Peace Walker cut scenes, Hellsing Ultimate action director)
The action story follows three girls who grow up on the island of Okinawa — and discover a robot.

-Monster ni Natta Domerika
Creator: Kazuya Ichikawa (Shadow Skill 3/SOS TV Walpurgis Night Fever director, Appleseed: Ex Machina CG layout and motion team leader)
In this "action epic" set in the run-down slums, the title character Domerika is transformed into a monster one day.

-Kaseki Dorobō to Kyōryūseki
Creator: Kenji Mutō (Cavity Express, Gift)/Sugarless Factory/Honesuta
The dinosaur fantasy revolves around a 12-year-old girl named Yuta and her buddy Gobi — who happens to be a fossil. The two embark on a journey to chase a fossil thief and find Gobi's stolen fossil mother. Mutō drew inspiration from Jules Verne's A Journey to the Center of the Earth and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World.

(source: Anime News Network)

Leonida - Hot muscle spartan warrior

Leonidas, if you like bara you'll love he :)
the hottest muscle warrior ever

A great image by Genzoman on DeviantArt

Ismael Alzarez - Hot bare chest muscle boy

Hot bare chest muscolar boy by Ismael Alvarez

Curiosities: Bishonen characters in anime and popular culture (1)

'Bishonen' is the Japanese term for 'beautiful boy', meaning a guy that has more feminine than masculine features and is considered pretty by Japanese standards.

These guys in real life are often idols, actors or public figures with an overzealous female fandom.

In anime and manga, these are popular characters, known by their refined personality, or in some cases, a tough personality that serves as contrast.

This would be the case of actor Ken'ichi' Matsuyama, who played L Lawliet in the live action movies. He recently revealed to be gay, but still he has a great fandom worldwide, which is awesome.

One of the ultimate bishonen characters would be the protagonists of the various Final Fantasy series, Cloud.

And the list goes on, with even specific series full of bishonen characters, like Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, known also as Wallflower or Perfect Girl Evolution.

This week's featured AMV (16)

This is an incredible video done to Marilyn Manson's The Beautiful People, who woulda thought the lyrics would fit so well to Maria Holic's theme? XD

Video done by VivThePrincess  of Youtube

Final Fantasy - Shirtless Tidus

Shirtless Tidus running on the beach - Final Fantasy Dissidia

Tidus is main character from Final Fantasy X but I've played it and don't remember this scene... he's so hot :) I'm sure I would remember !

Maybe it's from Final Fantasy Dissidia for PSP (that I've not)

Somebody knows ?

Supernatural - Dean x Sam Winchester kiss (Yaoi)

Sam x Dean from Supernatural TV Series - Yaoi

Geeat piece of art by Robert Fraser - near all of the images on the website are 18+, don't click if you're not of legal age

Weekly Special Feature: The quality of animation in Bleach

I don't know if it's only me, but rewatching the first few episodes I could see why I was hooked up so much on this series to the point of madness.

It was that the quality of animation helped convey a more dramatic, mysterious, dark and esoteric tone to the story. That reflected on the fights too.

So, what really happened to the quality of animation in Bleach? Has it really suffered?

I think that given the pace of the story and how we as an audience got used to Bankais and Resurreciones, the quality has just got more mundane. The only exception being the fight between Ichigo and Ulquiorra.

But after watching the latest episodes I think it is picking it up.

Joe Phillips - Hot college boys

"Cogito" by Joe Phillips

I really like this image, the boys are hot and sweet and the scene is so cute... muscolar bodies, nice butts ... and shirtless boys in jeans (I love shirtless muscolar guys in jeans !)

Final Fantasy - gorgeous archer ever in a MMORPG

I'm really in love with this archer... he's from the opening movie of new Final Fantasy XIV mmorpg (online multi player role playing game ) ... I think he's the sexiest character ever... I really want to play that game only to see more movies with him :)

Have a look here... this is the opening movie from the game !

Cute yaoi boys (yaoi)

Cute yaoi boys - yaoi

Weekly review: Sailor Moon anime

This classic anime, adapted from the manga by Naoko Takeuchi in 1992, is probably one of the series with more dubs available in the world due to its success, and yet it is probably one of the most censored and cut apart ever.

And even the anime as we know it differs greatly from the manga, that it could be well worth it to remake this anime in the future.  With quality we see today in most animes, why not?

It is actually a shojo, 'magical girl' type of story with sentai (squad) elements, but it definitely became popular with male audiences ever since its publication in Kodansha's Nakayoshi magazine.

Sailor Moon is the story of 9 girls that are progressively introduced as they team up to fight the forces of evil that are constantly a menace to the world, and ultimately, the galaxy.

The protagonist, Usagi Tsukino (known as 'Bunny' in Spain and 'Serena' in Latin American dubs), is a 14-year old girl that is introduced as lazy and a drama queen, crying all the time over everything. Until she meets a mysterious black cat named 'Luna', who tells her of her true destiny. Thus she becomes Sailor Moon, a warrior of love and justice.

She then meets Amy (Sailor Mercury), Rei (Sailor Mars), Makoto (Sailor Jupiter) and Minako (Sailor Venus) to conform the Inner Sailor Squad for the first two seasons.

Then, the Outer Sailor Squad, formed by Haruka (Sailor Uranus), Michiru (Sailor Neptune), Setsuna (Sailor Plut) and lastly, Hotaru (Sailor Saturn), who is originally thought to be an evil sailor with enough power to destroy a planet by herself.

The series caused a lot of controversy when it started being licensed and distributed worldwide, due to its relatively mature content in regards to how relationships were depicted, especially in the case of Haruka (a cross-dressing girl) and Michiru (a yuri relationship). It's actually a perfect example of how in Japanese culture, sex and homoeroticism isn't such a great and uptight deal as in Western culture.

Hot boys (yaoi)

Hot boys - yaoi

I like this image. I think it's from Rival school or Hetalia... anyone can confirm ?

Reminder: there's no Kuragehime episode this week

This great series left us hanging from episode 1 last week, but unfortunately there's no episode this week due to a break, and we'll have to wait for next week (october 30) instead for episode 2.

I know, I'm as annoyed as you are :(

Naked / Dressed bara boys (Yaoi)

Naked bara muscle yaoi boys

Dressed bara cute yaoi boys

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Black Lagoon OVAs delayed!

Shogakugan just announced that due to production issues, the last three ovas of the Roberta's Blood Trail series have been delayed for around three months more.

It is now expected that episode 3 is scheduled for a January 7, 2011 release, episode 4 for a March 2, 2011 release. And the concluding OVA will hit DVD and Blu-ray on May 11, 2011.

Hot naked boy bathing in blood

Hot naked boy bathing in blood

Cute boy eating sushi

Cute boy eating sushi
Cute art by Ernz1318 on DeviantArt

Maria Holic gets second season greenlit!

The advertising for the seventh volume of Minari Endo's manga also revealed that there will be a second season of this anime, in which director Akiyuki Shinbo returns. The premiere date is still unknown but it is hoped that it will next year.

Maria holic is about a girl named Kanako, who enrolls in a girl school because she has a phobia of men and wants to find her destined yuri partner. She meets a captivating freshman named Mariya who fits her criteria, except that he just happens to be a cross-dressing boy.

(Kuragehime, anyone???XD)

Gorgeous naked muscle boy on bed

Gorgeous naked muscle boy on bed

Rival Schools - nearly naked Kyosuke Kagami

Hot nearly naked Kyosuke Kagami from Rival Schools game (Yaoi)

New stream trailer of Megane na Kanojo OVA!

Famitsu, the official site of the anime adaptation of author Tobi's Megane na Kanojo, announced that this series will ship on November 25, and uploaded a 180 second stream trailer on its page.

Megane na Kanojo can be translated to 'A Girlfriend with Glasses', and it is a romantic comedy that features 8 different stories about girls with glasses that represent a particular stereotype. The OVA will narrate four of these stories.

Hot shirtless bara boy in brief

Hot shirtless bara boy in brief

Batman and Nightwing kiss (Yaoi)

Batman and Nightwing kiss (Yaoi)
Best Retirement Invesments