Tattoo Doggy style on stairs

Nearly Weekend again

Thanks Please keep sending your pics

Need more pics of Your Tattoo

Please Send your photo of your tattoo to
we will post it on here for you, Many thanks inkflowman

Thanks, Keep sending Your pics

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Some more pics sent in

Here is some more pics that was sent in from abroad I think, Please could you just say what country your from, and maybe a First name. Inkflowman

German Female`s pics

These pics was sent to me by email this morning from a German lady who had seen our blog and asked if I would post them on our Blog,
It does not matter how small your tattoo is, if you send a pic to us at this email Then we will post it on our blog, so don't be shy get your cam out and we will soon have the best blog on the net for tattoo females
Waiting for your pics. inkflowman
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