Can Laser Hair Removal Cause Acne ?

2 Week ago I did my first treatment, due to the fact that I hate shaving, I get oily skin and sometimes I rather not shave when I breakout.... Note : that I rarely breakout, I was on Accutane 2 years ago and since then I have had great skin. Until recently , this week I went from a few pimples to severe acne. Only around my chin and side burns, wherere areas have been treated by the hair removal laser.
I was wondering if someone has had this happened or can educate me more. As I have asked many questions to the doctor that was treating my hair, she said there would not be a problem with the laser.

The stiffer, dead hair shafts are more likely to become ingrown. At least that is what happened on my neck.

It's normal. For about 3 weeks after laser hair removal, the dead hairs and roots push their way up and fall out. It's not attractive, nothing you can really do except wash with a gentle face cleanser like Noxema, and wait for it to clear up.
It's not permanent, it's not acne, although it looks like it. Just be patient, it looks kind of bad, but it does clear up. With every additional treatment, less hair is there, so there will be less falling out. The first treatment always looks the worst.

Laser hair removal- red spots?

Hello, I've had laser hair removal done a while ago and after the treatments about 4 days would go by then i would notice red dots where the hair follicle was before... -the dots look similar to when you wax and get red dots/ only after laser hair removal it was somewhat irritatingly painful. My question is are these red dots preventable? I have light skin (pink tone) and dark hair.- Most people don't get these dots, but their similar to a zit, and took a long time to go away..
Also since I've had it performed 4 times (this is 3 years ago) but I want to go back to finish the treatment, will i have to start over, or will the 4 treatments still have and effect... My hair is a litle thinner, not much though. Thanks in advance!

I got the same thing when I got laser hair removal for my armpits.
I think its a little like razor burn; basically, skin irritation.
For the returning hair removal, you may have to have an extra session or two to get caught up. When I took a year off from hair removal, I had to start over; yet, I've had friends who took off from where they last started.
Ask your laser hair removal specialist. :)

Laser hair removal or Electrolysis hair removal?? what is best for perm. results?

I know that laser is less painful and inexpensive than elec. as that can take much longer and thus result in more money. However, just wanted to know if anyone has used laser or electrolysis hair removal...are the results permanant with laser..i read with laser there is permanant REDUCTION but not permanant removal or hair...and is it worth the pain and cost of electrolysis coz im scared that will leave scars....
So those who have experience please help me decide coz i want to have treatment on my armpit and legs...cost is not an issue as theres no point having laser and then having to go back for electro...Just want to know what you would reccomend for proper permanent removal...All help appretiated, thanks..

With electrolysis I only noticed a reduction after 1.5 years of weekly sessions, but that may be due to my incrediby thick black hair! I would say, electrolysis can be uncomfortable and time consuming, especially on a large area like your arms and legs, but if the hair there is pale, or your skin is darker it may not be so good for laser anyhow. I didn't experience any scarring, but I did once get a broken capilliary under the skin that has taken time to fade :-)

A Gillette Sensor Excel twin-blade razor, warm water, a bowl, soap, a Dunhill shaving brush, and, a member of the opposite sex in whom you have placed total and unamphibolised trust!

Laser definitely. Electrolysis is old-fashioned, less effective and painful with risk of skin infection.
Laser is permanent on areas that are not affected by hormones. If you have hormone issues (like polycystic ovaries) then some facial hair may start to grow back. This just means you would get a touch-up once a year.

Laser was permanent for me and took way less time than electrolysis. Electrolysis also hurt alot more. Make sure you go to someone good. The attached sites can help with info and provider options.

Does the hair that regrows after laser hair removal look natural?

I was just wondering, does the hair that regrows after laser hair removal look natural??someone who's actually had laser hair removal done, please answer

It looks very natural. The hair dispersion is exactly like it was before....there is just less of it after each treatment.

I don't know exactly what you mean by look "natural", it's your hair and it will look like it looked before the laser treatment, only sparser and probably finer.
It takes several treatments for the laser to destroy most of the hair follicles. They usually refer to it as "permanent reduction" because lasers don't do a good job of getting rid of light colored hair - red or blonde or gray. If you have a mixture of those colors - and most people do - then it will get rid of the dark, coarse hairs, which is what most people want anyway.

i started laser hair removal earlier last year, and ended them in may of this year. when you first start you sit down and talk with a counselor, they tell you all the side effects and benefits. on rare cases after treatment the hair can become dramatically worse than it was before(thickness). my experience, i had to stop because i have a hormonal imbalance, therefore my hair will never completely go away, but the hair that does grow back yes does look natural, it is thinner than it was before, im happy with it.

My wife had it done and had around 8 sessions or so and the hair isn't gone, but it is much sparser that it was before. During the year she was having it done it was really sparse to bald. If you could afford to have it done regularly every 6 weeks for the rest of your life (or a large number of years) that'd be great because during the treatments is always when it looks the best (the hair follicles that aren't outright killed tend to be wounded for a time after a treatment).

I would like laser hair removal on my face.

I'm 43, and I've had a bad problem with lip and chin hair for about 8 years now.........and I'm noticing the hair along my cheeks seems a thicker peach fuzz blonde than it used to be.......although the hair on my lip and chin is definitely dark brown.
Anyway, I'm thinking about getting my whole face hair laser removal.....lip, chin, cheeks
I've called a few places, and most say that they would have no problem using the laser on my lip and chin......but they might have problems with the blonde peach fuzz hair on my cheeks and sideburn area.
Also, most places are quoting around $750 for lip and chin, and way over $1000 for all of it.
What do you all think? Also, are there any risks with laser removal?

My wife's aunt is a dermatologist and had this done for free. She never would have had paid for it if it wasnt' for her aunt. But knowing what she knows now, my wife would have paid for it in a SECOND! The results were outstanding and permanent (3 years so far)
It works…it REALLY works. Keep in mind it will take AT LEAST two treatments, maybe even three or four depending on your hair, the area, and thickness.
Also, find a reputable dermatologist. There are very minimal risks involved, but lot of fly by night companies are doing these procedures. The risks are amplified if you go with someone that doesn’t know what they are doing. You can end up with scars and burns if you go with an amateur . You shouldn’t worry about this with a true MD. If it is an MD find out how long they have been doing it.
I don’t know how it works, but the laser only “zaps” dark colors. Non-caucasians (Latinas, blacks, or other dark skinned people) may have to go through more treatments. The laser will have to be turned down as to not burn the darker skin. Some very dark skinned individuals may not be able to have the procedure done.
The $750 - $1000 sounds inline with what you should pay for TOTAL removal…ie multiple sessions. That sounds pretty high for a single session.

You should expect lots of red splotches and some light to moderate swelling in the treated areas for a few days. So if you have your upper lip done people at work will know you had something done the next day. It look kind of like a fresh waxing times two or three. I don’t think it is anything to be ashamed of. But if you are self-conscious about this you may want to have the procedure done on a Thurs or Friday and take a day or two off of work.It can be a little painful in some places. Not severe, but you will feel a little something.

It's amazing. I would suggest going to your dermatologist and seeing if your insurance will cover it. I've had friends that have had it covered... It works well, after each time, the hair gros back slower, and thinner, until eventually it doesn't grow back. No known risks, except a wee bit of a rubber band snapping.

PCOS & Laser Hair Removal ... anyone have any experience with the 2?

I’ve had 1 visit of laser hair removal. I have lip, chin & cheek hair. It’s been affecting me for 12 yrs. About 5-7 yrs ago I found it was caused by Polycystic Ovarian Disease. The Dr told me it would be 4-5 monthly visits to get rid of all the dark hairs. I go 2 a dermatology office; there’s only 1 Dr. doing the laser 1 day a month. Therefore she is always booked. So when they scheduled me for my 2nd appt it had to be in Dec cuz she’s booked. My 1st appt was in Oct, 2nd appt in Dec, and 3rd appt is in Feb. Actually I had to reschedule my Dec appt cuz I had the flu. Are these gaps in treatment going to cause me 2 need more than 5 visits to get rid of the hair? Should I switch 2 a Dr that fits me in monthly? Does laser removal really get rid of hair totally or just thin it out? I was told cause I have PCOS I'd need periodic follow up visits since PCOS is producing hair growth hormones. I wonder how often I'll have 2 follow-up & if it’s worth the $225.00 a visit if it’s not gonna work.

I've had laser hair removal on my legs, underarms, and bikini! Trust me it totally works!!! I didn't shave my legs for a month and i barely had hair and the hair i did have was very thin! I'm still going through treatments but i definitely see the results!! Whoever is doing your laser though.. sounds kinda naahh.. I would DEF switch!! It doesn't matter if you don't do it every 6-8 weeks..( I do my legs and underarms like all mixed up in time and ive still def seen results) Either way you will get rid of it but having to wait that long in between treatments is kind of rude!! hope that helps!!
I have PCOS but never did laser hair removal or another type of hair removal method called electrolysis. I ended up not doing it because of the costs. I would recommend trying to find a doctor that can schedule you on a monthly basis. My endocrinologist gave me a medication called Aldactone to help control the excess hair growth. This medication is designed to control the hair growth. I'm also looking at getting a product called Vaniqa to try and help slow the growth of the hair down. I may consider consulting a dermatologist about this to get some samples if still available.
If you have more questions for me or would just like to talk feel free to e-mail or IM me off site any time.

Laser Hair Removal is a permanent thing. It ruins the folicle ofthe hair meaning it cant grow back. Leaving long gaps in between visits might mean it take a while longer to get the full effect but it wouldnt make a drastic difference. If you have been unhappy for 12years then yes it is definitley worth the $225.00.
PCOS is very common and there are so many different types, woman can be slightly hairy or fatter or greasy skinned. So dont feel alone if you deicde not to go through will all the treatments.

I have dermatographia,is it possible for me to get a tattoo?

i have dermatographia...which means that my skin swells up when someone/thing scratch turning twenty soon and planning to get a small tattoo...just wondering if it is possible for me to get a tattoo...cos even a blunt object can make my skin swell..
Depends on how severe your response is. I would ....
1) Get your dermatologist's opinion first, and follow any recommendation he/she has.
2) If your dermatologist says you're good to go, try to find a tattooist who has worked with other dermatographic clients.
3) Get your tattooist to do a little "test" tattoo on a hidden area of your body. Let this tattoo heal completely (1-3 months) before deciding whether you want to proceed with your original design.

i seriously dont think that that would work. if you swell up too much then the tattoo artist will stop and you will only have a half done tattoo.

Interestingly enough, we had a guy with this that wanted a back piece really badly. He showed us what his skin did when he ran his nail along it. It didn't happen right away, but in very short order we saw how it started to raise up.
Anyway, we did a test area without ink on his back and the response was normal. So Stephen started the tattoo and ended up with a full back piece in three sittings with no ill effects whatsoever.

How do i get rid of this muscle tissue build up from my Industrial Piercing?

I have had this piercing for about a year maybe more now. There was nothing in the beginning, and then i'd say about 7 months ago it started to appear. The man at the tattoo place, not actual guy who pierced it, said that its not normal and i should rub Vitamin E oil into for 30 minutes a day. BUT IT HURTS!! I feel like its just irritating it even more. Does anyone have any other suggestions or things that worked to get rid of it??

First go see another piercer. Find a reputable shop with a piercer that actually know what they're talking about. Ask them if they think your industrial is in a position to heal correctly. If they think it is, and just needs some love and care, then ask for suggestions on cleaning.
Rubbing your piercing for 30 minutes a day is a great way to aggravate it and make the bumps worse.
If your piercing is correctly placed and has jewlery that fits, the best you can do to get bumps to go away is to take good care of your piercing. To do this, clean it regularly. You can clean it with anti-bacterial soap once a day if you choose.
The other method often recommended for cartilage piercings is to perform sea salt soaks. To make a soak mix 1/8-1/4 teaspoon sea salt with 8oz very warm water. Soak a bit of cotton wool in the solution and hold it to your piercing. Since you have an industrial, soak one hole for a few minutes and then move to the other. As the cotton cools, throw it away and get a fresh piece with warm solution. The idea is to help your ear clean itself with a warm compress.
You can put vitamin e on your piercing after its been cleaned, but don't rub it like crazy. Rub it in gently and leave the piercing alone until the next cleaning. While you are trying to get your piercing to heal you will need to avoid snagging it on things, rubbing it, playing with it, or sleeping on it (if sleeping on it is uncomfortable).
Have your piercing checked out to make sure it's fitted well, and then be stubborn about taking care of it until it heals.

I had a similar piercing and the tissue didn't go away until i finally decided to take the piercing out. It hurt like hell, but now you can't really tell that there was build up at all. I wouldn't suggest taking the piercing out until you are absolutely sure there is no other way to help it, though!

How can I make a tattoo permanant (or atleast until I want to get rid of it)?

Im 13 and I really want to get a tattoo but im not allowed. A girl I know told me that I can rub my arm with alcohol, then draw something with permanent marker, and go over it with clear nail polish but I didnt know if it works. Has anyone ever tried it? I wanted to know how it works before I do it. I know im too young to be worrying about a tattoo, yea, yea, yea iv heard it all before! I want serious answers not, your too young just go play with your barbies or something stupid like that!

I know what you mean! I thought getting a tattoo at 15 would be cool. I let a guy use indian ink and a needle on me. He made this cute little cross and I felt pretty cool. Now I am 36 years old and have been embarrassed by the stupid tattoo for 21 years now. I hate it and wish I would never have been so dumb. Not that I am saying that you are dumb at all. Everyone has them and they seem so cool. My suggestion to you is to please wait until you can get one that is professional and looks cool forever! I have several now and next month am getting rid of the stupid cross on my chest because I did not want to wait to get a real one! I wish you the best and really hope you dont get anything that you will regret when you are my age. Truthfully I have a daughter your age who is dieing to get one. She covers herself with the temp ones and that keeps her satisfied for now.

Honestly, if you want one that bad, then just wait, drawing on yourself will probably just end up looking stupid. Wait, the day will come soon enough. Or just buy a bunch of the same stick on ones from the drugstore.

don't put marker on your's poisonous.(thats why they tell you not to get it on your skin..) and don't put nail polish on your skin, it will dry it out and maybe give you a rash...

why not try a henna tattoo? Henna is a paste you can put on you skin and it stains the skin for up to about 2 weeks, I belive. It comes in a tube for easy application and you let it dry on your skin then wash it off.

DIY tattoo removal?

ok, I went to a party, got drunk and woke up with a stupid little tattoo on my arm. I really want to get rid of it, but I am a broke student. The idiot who did it says it is a home-made tattoo, done with india ink and a needle. I read that if I tattoo over it with a salt water solution, it will disapear.
Does anyone know some cheap methods of tattoo removal that I can do on my own? I am a college student and $50 is too expensive (reeeealy broke!).

In prison, i knew people who removed their ink with irons, or heated bits of steel. i would not recommend it. Go and have it removed properly.

How irresponsible of those giving the tattoo to begin with. That is very dangerous.
It would also be dangerous for you to do this on your own. It will cost you FAR more if you cause an infection. You need to see a pro.

If it isn't too old yet (i.e.: a day old or something) put a lot of salt and shampoo in a tub full of really hot water and soak it a lot while rubbing it. Make sure the water is always really hot to soften up your skin. It can faint the tattoo or if you're lucky and the ink wasn't put too deep under your skin it can make it so light that it is unnoticeable. But this is nowhere near to certain as everyone's body is different. Otherwise, when you get hold of some money, you can always get a reputable professional to tattoo a good design over it (cover-up).

Maybe that will teach you not to go to parties and drink, and actually focus on your school work so that you can someday become successful.
Your best bet would be either to get the actual removal done, or wait until the tattoo fades out, which could be another good 50 years.

What is the best way to get rid of a tattoo?

i have a tattoo on my shoulder blade of a tiger, its mostly orange in colour and i hate it. does anybody know anything about laser or removal cream and can people who have actually done this or seen these treatments please answer! i def do not want to cover it up with somethin else, i jus want it gone!

The best way to get rid of a tattoo is to never have gotten it.

Tattoos are annoying, blue collar and THE stupidest fad I have seen in my life. Go ahead, advertise to everyone that you can't think for yourself and got a tattoo. Big deal, so you let some idiot scribble on you.

I have seen laser removal and all I know is that it is very very painful.
But, it is your body and if you don't want to live with it anymore, then you don't have to. So, talk to someone that removes tattoos!

The best thing to do is laser surgery....It's the fastest but most expensive too. The process is actually long too, you need to have sessions done.

lazers are expensive as hell. If the ink isn't too deep, you could do it yourself with the improper materials... Get the freezy wart removers and freeze the skin area, and then sand it down. If you see some of it come off, and you start to see the skin is coming off badly, stop, and start again after it heals.
Oh, and for the lazer, you can get it for free if it's a gang sign. so go get a tattoo extention with a gang insignia in it, and have the whole thing removed for free.

laser removal is probably the way to go, but depending on how big it is and what colors were used it will prbably take a lot of sessions to get rid of assuming it is black, orange and maybe goes first then eventially the orange, but from what i hear if there is white, white is very hard to get rid possible scarring....not to mention cost....if its a big tiger it may not be that worth getting rid of.

to bad your letter can't be posted on the door of every "tattoo" parlor...
They can be removed the same way they were put on. Laser - very slow and same amount of pain as before. Usually the ink can be extracted in about the same amount of time...but sometimes takes 2 or 3 times..depending on if it's an outline or a full color job! good luck and congratulations on discovering that your body is way to pretty to decorate with tigers.

It all depends on the size of the tattoo and if it's colored or black and gray. If you aren't a person who likes pain don't do laser removal because, you would have to go to more than one session and it's more painful than getting a tattoo, and if it's colored than they have to have a couple of sessions for the black out line, and a couple for the colors and each color has it's own sessions, reds first, than blues and greens, so your other choice is to get a cover up tattoo, or keep the original tattoo. hope that helped.

I think all of the ignorant people who posted answers to this question saying "you should've never gotten it" need to grow up. Why sit here and tell this person what they should've done? She can't take it back, so don't sit there and act like you're high and mighty by not having tattoos. People make mistakes, that is why they came up with laser removal.
Check out different specialists who do offer that procedure and choose the best one and the one that makes you feel most comfortable. I've heard it's really painful, but I also know some doctors offer an anesthetic shot or cream to you before having it done. That way you won't feel the pain.

Anyone start laser tattoo removal and QUIT?

I had one session....and the pain was more than I can describe...I decided it just is not worth it...and the Dr. told me she used a low setting.... the area was tender for 2 days and it is pretty much back to normal. no scabs or discoloration or anything. the Doctor straight up told me that this is a long long process....she said that minimum would be 10 treatments....and she has had patients needing up to 15 treatments.....I just decided that is just isn't worth it...I have .... I'd rathere have a tattoo than an ugly scar....and an empty wallet...Anybody ever been in this predicament??

That's why you get one you're not going to want removed and do not make it one that might be changed (like someone's name)

My husband has been through this. He had a lot of random tattoos on his arm as a kid. He had a bunch of laser treatments done years ago - but they were never finished. They are only half done so there are lots of weird splotches of color over his arms. I'm fine with it, but it really bothers him a lot. So he's planning on getting another set of treatments this winter.
I did. One treatment (father's orders) and then stopped (when he realized that what he was holding over me would be gone before the treatments were up)
The tattoo is now imperfect and a bit upsetting but better than that horrible pain of the removal process. Mine was basically an open sore for a week, impossible to sleep or do just about anything with it on my back.
It's so not worth the pain and cost. And is why anyone should really think before getting a tattoo. Removal is a horrible process, worse than getting a tattoo by far.

some people have to go for a year or two, depending on a size, unless its something that u absolutly againts off dont bother its a waste of money wait few years they will come out with something more effective. or if you still like tattoos get it covered by a better one. i have a huge one on my back that i am unhappy with but will never go for the removal

I stopped because the doctor tripled his price but found an alternative. I am using the skinn peal self tatoo removing stuff. I got it from and have done two treatments so far and it apprears to be working.

That's one reason why I have never gotten a tattoo. I thought to myself"what if later on I change my mind"? I have had several people tell me that they regret getting their tattoos & that the laser removal was far more painful.

Anyone have a tattoo laser removal procedure?

Well I just got a tattoo a while ago on my wrist and am not pleased with the results, ( I have several others that I am happy with) so i am going to laser it off probably. I know I should have listened to my mom and waited and not been so impatient!
Has anyone had one removed? was the scar bad? was the after treatments very painful during the healing process?
i dont mind the scar (even though it will be on my wrist) but was it worth it to you?
or is the scar nasty?
or if you know anyone who had this done, please help!!! I already made one mistake by getting the tattoo, i dont want another mistake :(

Yes, I got it done because of an allergic reaction to the red ink, so my insurance did help pay for it. My doctor said that removing it by laser would feel just like getting a tattoo, well not for me it hurt a little more than that, so they gave me a shot around the tattoo. My scar is barely noticeable, my doctor did a great job in removing mine. I had red, green, yellow, and black ink. Maybe you can get it covered with another tattoo, whatever your choice good luck.

removing a tattoo is not as simple as getting one. The pain is much higher especially in the area you mentioned. Having a scar on your wrist surely will get you some wide eyes. I'd recomment having it redone by a different artist. This would be much cheaper and involve less pain for you.

What are your personal results of laser tattoo removal?
I have a tattoo on the underside of my wrist. I have had it lasered 3 times. The results have been good - It is multicolored with black, neon green, neon purple, and neon pink. It was a cover-up for another tattoo. The black ink is nearly gone, except for the original tattoo and the brightness of the other colors is gone as well. However, there is some scarring. I am about to schedule my 4th appointment. I just wanted to hear the results of others who have had their tattoo lasered and if there was any scarring?

When getting a tattoo removal, you are getting layers of skin removed. If you do not scar, that will be rare. Even though you may have 'removed' the pigment in your skin, you will usually be left with discolorations on your skin, or a scar.

How does laser tattoo removal affect the area around it?

Is it possible to remove part of a tattoo while still keeping another part intact?
I have a 4" tattoo on my arm and am in the process of making a few consultations to get the bottom portion of it removed (lower half was poorly done by a different artist than the top half) - will they be able to isolate a specific area to be removed without ruining the top?

If you are going to have the lasered area tattooed again, you should have no problems. There can be some minor surrounding changes but they will know how to isolate the area to be lasered.

Absolutely. Because lasers are extremely accurate, you'll have no problem removing one area without affecting another.
Are you able to cover-up the tattoo at all? Like, have another artist re-work it? It will be much less expensive and painful. Just a thought!

I bet they can remove only the portion you don't want.Hey!Did you know they have a new kind of tattoo ink that can be de-activated simply by hitting it with a special light?Will make changing your mind about a tattoo much easier!Good luck

Is laser tattoo removal safe for my tattooed eyelids? Does it damage the skin and weaken my eyesight?

No, you can't get it lasered off, the laser will blind you. And it will blister the hell out of your eyelids.
* I can tell you this because I had a tattoo on my ankle removed & the thing swelled up twice it's normal size & then peeled, cracked & blistered... scabs came off of it... and I had to have it done about 10 times to get the whole thing removed.
I also do low level laser treatment now in my office for pain (this is a different laser-- less intense than one for removing tattoos) and even THAT one can't be anywhere near the eyes or it will blind you.... so I can't imagine what one that takes off a tattoo will do... they are much stronger.

im just surprized right now that u even have tatooes on ur eyelids. dont be scared...if u got tatooes on your eyelids, i dont think your eyes will be any diffrent when u get laser.

I'm not sure if those lasers are ment to be near the eyes. You should call a place that does laser removal and ask them about the pros and cons of having it done to your eyes. If you have like a pattern or something on them and you can't get it removed you could always think about permanant makeup. They tattoo on things like blush, lipstick, eyeliner, eyebrows and what not.

Why is laser tattoo removal so expensive?

I mean, surely it would benefit certain members of society to have theit tattoos removed, say if someone has tattoos on his hands or face and is finding it hard to gain employment as a result. But the prices seem to run into thousands of pounds, even to remove a small one, making it impossible for most people to get their tattoos removed. Why is laser surgery so expensive?

The level of technology is high, all the equipments are expensive thus running on high bill when laser surgery is done. Moreover, the doctor have to make sure that the skin doesn't get inflammation from the removal process and that the skin is not too burnt. Things have to be taken into preparation. Anyway, most surgeries these days are like way expensive too right?

If one is STUPID enough to get Tattoos and pay for them then the customer must be STUPID enough and DESPERATE enough to PAY ANYTHING to have them removed.
Many Organizations will not even hire a person who exhibits TATTOOS!
(I thin that they think it is a sign of a LOW CLASS CITIZEN!)

You have to know whats done to answer the question.a laser only erases a very SMALL spot with each zap.about the size of a period on this page. so it takesmany many zaps to erase it all. This takes timeand has to be done by someone experianced which isn't free..
if theyre getting paid 15 dollars an hour and it takes 20 hours of zapping to remove the tattoo it all adds up....

it's just like marriage's cheep to get into, but, at least DOUBLE to get rid of them!!!

i think when you go for a tattoo you have to think its for life not for five min wonder and the price to get them removed should be took into consideration when having one

because lasers, especially surgical lasers are VERY expensive equipment, not only to buy in the first place, but also to run and maintain... and removing tattoos with it takes a lot of time, compared to eye surgery, or neural surgery for example...

I have been considering starting a tattoo removal business here in the US. There are several reasons why it is so expensive.
1) The equipment itself is fairly pricey.
2) Liability insurance is ridiculously high.
3) Professional office space and staff is very expensive.
4) While it is not required, in order to be accepted as a professional one should be a board certified dermatologist and medical school isn't cheap nor is it easy.
5) You don't just go into an office and have them zap off a ta too. Removal takes several sessions and a fair amount of expertise as different dyes require different techniques. There is a risk of infection, not to mention significant pain. Knowing how to avoid this is worth paying for.

Does Laser tattoo removal hurt badly?

I'm going for my consult tomorrow. Even though my doctor will answer some questions, I wanted some advice/info from people who have actually had it done.
I've heard mixed things about it...
My tattoo is roughly 5 inches in height and 4 inches wide, across my lower back. It is all black. Some of it has already faded after having a few tatgoneink sessions and a few at-home chemical peels. I'm wanting laser surgery to hopefully remove the rest of it quickly.

My questions are:
1) Does it hurt badly?
2) If so, was this with or without numbing creams/injections?
3) And are numbing creams worth investing in or is the pain all the same?
4) My skin is EXTREMELY pale. I've never tanned, it is transparent white... are my chances of not scarring/discoloration better?
5) How long did it take for anyone with an all black tattoo to be removed?

I hope that this helps:
I have had laser removal of a tattoo. I do not actually know which kind of laser it was, but it was at a plastic surgeon's office. (I have also had laser hair removal, it is a different kind than those used to remove tattoos.)
Anyways; here's what happened with me:1.) Yes, it hurts, far worse than getting tattooed. I am no wuss, I have had at least 40 hours of tattooing done. One piece took 25 hours to complete, of course, it was not done all at once.
2.) Yes, Emla was applied 1 hour before the laser, and then just before the procedure, they used an ice-roller to cool the skin.
3.) Yes, the numbing creams are worth it. I went in for one treatment that I did not leave the cream on for long enough, and it was way worse.
4.) I am a Geman from Wisconsin, so I am very pale as well.
5.) My tattoo was a solid black scorpio symbol, 2 1/2 inches high by 2 inches wide (approximately). I went in for 4 treatments, and it did not get completeley removed. It ended up being still very visible, and we ended up covering it with another tattoo.
6.) I know that you did not have a number six, but here is my 2 cents worth: Yes, it will be ver painful, use the numbing cream, and expect it to take a while to heal (2 weeks). The first few days after, the area will be very sore and reddened, you will not even want to put pressure on it. It will feel like one of the worst burns that you got in your life. Take care of it to keep it from getting infected afterwards.

i work in a piercing studio in australia and one side of our business is laser tattoo removal. i am not the operator of the machine, but i talk to people all day about them.
firstly, the best machine to use is a Q-Yag laser. this is fast and effective and the best colour to get rid of is black, so your in luck. the only ink that cant be removed by any machine is an iron oxide based ink. this is mostly used in older red inks, but sometimes in black. the only way to know if its in your ink is to have a test patch done on your tattoo.
the process works better and quicker on older, faded tattoos. about 3-5 treatments i think would be nessacary. lasers will remove a tattoo completely but you may have to go for extra treatments to get rid of the shadow on the skin.(especially for very light skinned people) you should leave 6 weeks between any treatments to let the skin heal.
numbing creams are definately worth it. emla is the best and you should put it on an 1 1/2 hours beforehand. the shots with the laser feel like a rubber band being snapped on your skin and there is a burning sensation afterwards, so its a good idea, if they dont supply a cold compress, supply your own.
lasers only hit the pigment, so pale skin isnt a problem. lasers make the patch of skin kind of like albino skin until it has healed, so you will experience blistering and bad sunburn if you expose it to sunlight for too long. pale skined people actually respond better with more effective healing than people with deep tans.

1) It hurts! But it all depends on your tolerance for pain. All I can say is that it really does hurt more than getting a tattoo. It reminds me of getting popped with hot oil over and over again.
2)I never wanted to take or put anything on it. Its bearable.
3)I would say don't bother. If you want, take some pain relievers a half hour before, but I don't know how effective it'll be.
4)I think discoloration may be noticable, but hey, its better than having the tattoo.
5)I had a small tattoo on my ankle, which wasn't even that dark, but it took me about a year+, and its still there cuz I didn't continue my treatments. But, it probably wasn't as effective as a private doctor's office because I was receiving free treatments from a government funded program (I think the laser machine was outdated or something)

Has anyone had laser tattoo removal on a multi-colored tattoo?

I'm interested in having my tattoo removed. How many sessions does it really take in order for complete removal. Do you really need 8-12 sessions to see results?

well im interested in the same thing and ive been reading similar topics and i havent heard anything positive about laser removal yet.. we are in the same boat and i dont think im going to do it.. although i hate hate hate my tattoo i would rather live with it than live with ugly scars and be broke...

your going to be suckered into one of the biggest scams in history huh? Best case scenerio: you spend thousands of dollars and the end result is a non colored tattoo. the lines will still be you just lost the color...
You will have to pay, on average, $100 each session, and depending on the tat, you will have to go back for several for some reason green will not come out.I will hurt much, much, more that a tattoo....and you will endup with an ugly scar in the shape of the tat.ever think about covering it with another tat?

Does laser tattoo removal realy work?

I am thinking of geting a tattoo removed so I want to know if someone has had it done or knows someone who did and the out come of the removal

YEs my husband had a whole sleeve removed..lots of black line work all gone!! took a few sessions but It works..And it DOES NOT leave a burn mark his skin id just the same as it was before the tattoo..AND his was only 25 bux per square inch..not that expensive if your want it gone!!

Yes but it hurts and is very expensive. The darker the pigment the more treatments needed. It can leave a bit of scaring but that is much less noticable then the tatoo.

I'm getting a tattoo removed now.
Its sorta kinda, not really painful.
The darker the tattoo the longer it takes.

Laser tatoo removal can be effective with repeated treatments but carries the risk of scarring and is very expensive. I would suggest a TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) chemical peel. You can buy the TCA peel for a very reasonable price and do it yourself which will save you money. If your not comfortable doing it yourself you can find a licensed esthetician to do it which will still be cheaper than seeing a dermatologist. A chemical peel will take repeated applications to completely remove the tatoo and will clear up any wrinkles, acne, or old scars as well. If you want to try a chemical peel that is less potent than TCA try Salicylic Acid or Glycolic Acid first.

Laser Tattoo removal and fading creams at the same time.

I've had roughly 5 laser treatments for my tattoo. It is fading, but I'm curious as to whether putting a skin lightening cream in conjunction with my treatments will help fade it faster? This would be of course just to spare myself added surgery (expenses) as well as pain (the tattoo is on my back and the surgery feels worse every time).
Just wondering if anyone has done this/recommends this?If not, is there anything else I can do to move it along?

The creams and liquids don't work andmay include something that will causeinfection in the wound.
The laser treatment will leave you with a scar and there are some colors thatwill still be is one.

The idea is not to rush it. Tattoo laser centers do removals FAR too close together. You are going to have to wait it out to get it done correctly.
If you wait three months in between each session you will need less treatments. It will take longer of course, but it will be cheaper for you in the long run and much better for your skin.
ALL lasers are not created equally. IF you have multiple colors, you will need different lasers. Quality laser centers understand this. The Medlite laser, for instance, can handle four different spectrums.
DON'T mess with any creams of any kind for removal - ESPECIALLY since you are in laser therapy.
Is it safe to use laser and a tattoo removal cream at the same time?
I got 3 tattoos and now of course I regret them. One tattoo is primarily black, another tattoo is green and red, and the third tattoo is multi-colored red, light blue, light yellow, light green. I am undergoing laser removal and have had 3 treatments. The plastic surgeon is using a Q-Switched Yag laser (?) and my treatments are spaced 5 weeks apart.... Is it safe/wise to use one of the tattoo cream removals in between the laser treatments?

My plastic surgeon told me not to do that, and he used a YAG on me. My tattoo was multi-colored with a lot of black, it took about a year, but it cleared up nicely. He did advise me to use some scar reducing cream and skin cream on the area to reduce and afteraffects of the laser. You can't even tell where my tattoo was now. Just be patient and it'll clear up sooner than you think.

Does anyone know how effective the non-laser tattoo removal works such as "tattoo erase"?

If anyone has any experience of the technique mentioned above, ie; warnings, horror stories or just general "go aheads", could you let me know? I don't mean the laser removal.
I don't know personally or anything, but I've heard from others as a fact that those creams, lotions, etc do not work. For example, someone said that Wrecking Balm and all the others just fade enough of the work, but there is still a noticeable marking left. Just be careful because I don't think they work like you would want them to. It may be a better idea to just use cover-up makeup.
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Anybody know where you can buy laser tattoo removal machines in the US?

I've tried looking but can only find a few amateur looking ones from some pretty questionable sites. I'm looking for a laser tattoo removal machine in the US.

This goes into the "WTF" category...

that is technically classified as a medical instument, so unless you are a doctor, you won't be able to get one. and even if you did, you wouldn't know how to properly operate it. if you aren't a doc, and you try to take a tat off of someone and you mess up, you are gonna get sued and might go to jail. i recommend going to a doc if you need one removed, not buying one yourself. you could seriously hurt yourself or someone else.
Joe Soprano has some left. Tell him Bubba sent you.
why in the world would you want one? talk about questionable sites. hmmmm interesting.

You can find anything on Ebay.
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