Naruto Shippuden May schedule!

The fight between Danzo and Sasuke, one of the best depicted in the anime in my opinion, continues and it makes you wonder if this is all a setup by Madara? Naruto needs to settle his mind and Sakura wants to kill Sasuke herself before he goes deeper and deeper in his path of darkness.

Episode 210 "The Forbidden Visual Jutsu" (禁じられた瞳術) May 5, 2011

Episode 211 "Danzo Shimura" (志村ダンゾウ) May 12, 2011

Episode 212 "Sakura's Resolve" (サクラの覚悟) May 19, 2011

Episode 213 "Lost Bonds" (失われた絆) May 26, 2011
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